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It’s time to introduce the faces behind our wonderful magazine! The nature of Ellipsis – being a magazine run by students – means that every year we have to wave goodbye to a few faces and welcome in a couple of new ones.

The current committee for 2017-18 is:

Jordan Holdsworth Jordan Holdsworth


How would I describe myself? Blue eyes and relatively quite short. Perhaps a bit too happy for a final year student currently faced with a dissertation, but nonetheless a lover of all things upbeat. The mother hen of all nights out. If it weren’t for Ellipsis, I’d probably be mid-way through a fruity cocktail (or three) and dancing the night away.

Never ask for a dance-off. You will lose. (You have been warned!)

Favourite Drink: Pumpkin Spice Latte
Favourite Book: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
Favourite Place: Rhodes, Greece

Holly Phillips Holly Phillips


When I’m not busy sorting out Ellipsis I love exploring independent bars and restaurants in Liverpool, as well as places like the Baltic Market – mainly trying to find the nicest gins in the prettiest glasses. Liverpool has fast become my very favourite city and therefore I will be spending most of the year avoiding thoughts of impending graduation and real life outside the Ellipsis bubble so don’t be alarmed if I crumble in a heap whenever it’s mentioned.

Favourite Drink: Gin
Favourite Book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling
Favourite Place: Lark Lane

Casey Logue Casey Logue

Deputy Editor

Favourite Drink:
Favourite Book: The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway
Favourite Place: The Sydney Jones Library

I’m always dreaming of standing on my desk one day and saying ‘O captain my captain’. Coffee drinking, glasses wearing learning/reading enthusiast. You can usually find me in a coffee shop/Abercromby Square.

Responsibilities: Social Secretary, Responding to Emails, Room Bookings and Administration, supporting the Co-Editors

Chloe Lewis Chloe Lewis

Music Editor

Favourite Drink:
Watermelon bubble tea/Melon Ball cocktails from The Font (anything melon-y rly)
Favourite Book: How To Build A Girl by Caitlin Moran
Favourite Place: Sh*t Indie Disco!

Some of my favourite things include dogs, memes, prawn crackers, and The 1975, as well as playing quality tunes on LSRadio once a week. Being the tallest and most orangey-haired person in any given group of people most of the time means that I’m pretty difficult to lose, but if you’re looking for me I’ll probably be tweeting about feminism or in the middle of a mosh pit somewhere, bev in hand. I’m determined to be a real-life music journo when I grow up, and in doing I hope to achieve my other main goal in life- meeting Liam Gallagher.

Responsibilities: Leading Music Team, Running events and activities for society members, Finding/distributing writing opportunities

Jessica Fleming Jessica Fleming

Deputy Music Editor

Favourite Drink:
Caramel Iced Lattes, Most Types of Alcohol, and Pitchers from Spoons x
Favourite Book: Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan (and most other musically themed books)
Favourite Place: Sh*t Indie Disco <3 and Bold Street

I’m an avid collector of posters, setlists, seaglass, fairylights and music magazines; I can be found at any Independent Liverpool coffee shop or the nearest Spoons. Wherever I am, I’ll probably be wishing Bombay Bicycle Club weren’t on hiatus, and that I could be a uni society committee member forever instead of doing my degree in Business & Comms. Favourite foods include garlic bread, American Pizza Slice’s pizza and mozzarella dippers. Favourite memes include mocking SpongeBob, Snapchat’s hotdog filter and redbone remix. Aux chord stealer, Spotify playlist maker, Rick & Morty watcher.

Responsibilities: Supporting Music Editor, Running events and activities for society members, Finding/distributing writing opportunities

Charlotte Hadfield Charlotte Hadfield

Culture Editor

Favourite Drink:
Favourite Book: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Favourite Place: Notting Hill

Since moving to Liverpool I have well and truly fallen for the city with its ever-growing Independents, amazing galleries and some of the nicest people I have ever met. So what better thing to do than to write about it? I’m admittedly a slightly clumsy chocoholic, whose writing enthusiasm is fuelled by endless cups of tea and the occasional chocolate finger.

Responsibilities: Leading Culture Team, Running events and activities for society members, Finding/distributing writing opportunities

Billie Walker Billie Walker

Deputy Culture Editor

Favourite Drink:
Whatever is on offer
Favourite Book: A Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Favourite Place: Front left stack

Unabashedly opinionated garage girl, whose diet consists almost entirely of feta cheese. By the time I’m fifty I plan to be living off the royalties of my multiple book sales, on a Greek island, with a family of goats. I will happily drink you under the table once I’ve dealt with my countless deadlines.

Responsibilities: Supporting Culture Editor, Running events and activities for society members, Finding/distributing writing opportunities

Zena Al Maskari Zena Al Maskari

Literature Editor

Favourite Drink:
Vanilla latte
Favourite Book: Narrative of an American Slave by Frederick Douglass
Favourite Place: The Beach

Creative, fun and very talkative! I love anything that involves art, literature and a chance to explore. I love to travel and strongly believe the world is definitely our oyster!

Responsibilities: Leading Literature Team, Running events and activities for society members, Finding/distributing writing opportunities

Caitlin Flannigan Caitlin Flannigan

Politics Co-Editor

Favourite Drink:
Toffee Apple Cider
Favourite Book: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer
Favourite Place: New York

Hello! I’m Caitlin – now in my third year, majoring in Communications. I will often be found ranting about representation in the media. on Twitter. At the pub. In a seminar. Anywhere. I consider myself to be quite active on campus, getting involved with a variety of Affecting Change societies, with a particular passion for visual artistry and sustainability.

Responsibilities: Leading Politics Team, Running events and activities for society members, Finding/distributing writing opportunities

Alexandra Dinning Ally Dinning

Politics Co-Editor

Favourite Drink:
Favourite Book: Glass, Irony & God by Anne Carson
Favourite Place: Poundland

I’m Ally, a 3rd year studying Sociology and English. There is no denying I am painfully pretentious, but I try to make up for it in my enthusiasm- for both sociopolitical change and just about anything else! When not talking politics, I can be found over at LSRadio, thinking meme theory or scouting out the cheapest wines in Aldi. And no, the last two aren’t a joke!!

Responsibilities: Leading Politics Team, Running events and activities for society members, Finding/distributing writing opportunities

Hannah Briant

Marketing Lead

Favourite Drink:
Strawberry Daiquiri or a Long Island Iced Tea
Favourite Book: Brighton Rock by Graham Greene or The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Favourite Place: Australia

In my second year at Liverpool and loving it.

Responsibilities: Leading Marketing Team, promoting and distributing Ellipsis on campus and off campus, Running events and activities for society members, Society Mailing Lists, Managing society advertisements

Danielle Cutler

Design Lead

Favourite Drink:
Strawberry and Lime Kopparberg
Favourite Book: We Were Liars by E. Lockhart
Favourite Place: The Beach

Hi, I’m Danielle. Im currently in second year studying media and communications with English literature. I’ve always had an interest in art and design and being part of the design team at ellipsis gives me the opportunity to combine my creativity with my interest in the media. Aside from this I also have many other less ‘nerdy’ interests such as dancing, in which I have taken classes for since I was 4! I also love a good bev and letting off some steam on the dance floor, completely playing into the student stereotype! And I’m not even sorry!!

Responsibilities: Leading Design Team, Creation of Ellipsis promotional material, Design Print Magazine, Design online graphics and content

Jessica Thompson

Lead Copy Editor

Favourite Drink:
Hot Chocolate
Favourite Book: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
Favourite Place: Creuse (which is the rural central region of France.)

Hey, I’m Jess and I’m this year’s Lead Copy Editor. My Ellipsis story is unusual in that I have recently graduated from the University of Liverpool with a degree in English and am now an Ellipsis committee member. Like most of you who read this, I love literature, writing and, most of all, editing. Between crying over the finale of Game of Thrones (it is inevitable) and laughing through episodes of Parks and Recreation reruns, I will contribute to the conversations that matter in the most artistic ways possible. I hope you all enjoy being a part of Ellipsis this year!

Responsibilities: Support Music/Culture/Literature/Politics Editors, Final checks on submitted articles before print

Regardless of their level of experience, students, university alumni and members of the community are all welcome to contribute to Ellipsis Magazine. We work with you to develop your skills in journalism.

This year’s team is as follows:

*We don’t know who our 2017-18 team is yet, but it won’t be long*

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