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Meet the Committee
It’s time to introduce the faces behind our wonderful magazine! The nature of Ellipsis – being a magazine run by students – means that every year we have to wave goodbye to a few faces and welcome in a couple of new ones.

The current committee for 2018-19 is:

Chloe Lewis Chloe Lewis
Music Industry Studies MA
Responsibilities: Leading the Society, Liaising with the Guild.
Favourite Drink: Strawberry Lemonade from McDonald’s
Favourite Book: How To Build A Girl by Caitlin Moran
Favourite Place: Sydney, Australia
Aspirations: After travelling round Australia and seeing everything there is to see as soon as I graduate, I’d quite like a sick music industry or journalism job earning me enough money to own several cats and an Old English Sheepdog called Elvis. After that, I guess I’m just gonna take over the world.
Aside from being a bit of an Ellipsis veteran (I’ve been part of the team for four years!!) I’m probably best known for being the person who received a life size cardboard cut out of Noel Fielding for Guild Wish last year. I like unicorns, intersectional feminism, taking naps, vintage shopping and playing quality tunes on LSRadio once a week, and am a fountain of knowledge on music, dog breeds and the latest series of Love Island. I’m suuuuuper buzzin to be #girlboss of Ellipsis this year, and I’m ready to make it the best year yet!!

Ellie Roberts Ellie Roberts
Deputy Editor
Second year part time Music Industry Studies MA
Responsibilities: Treasurer, Responding to Emails, Room Booking and Administration, supporting the Editor.
Favourite Drink: Tea
Favourite Book: Henderson the Rain King by Saul Bellow
Favourite Place: Any festival field with a drink in my hand, live music in my ears, and the sun on my face!
Aspirations: Though I’ve always found it difficult to settle my mind on one specific goal, whenever I imagine my future, I imagine the same fundamental elements. I aspire to find and nurture a true love, to make enough money for a comfortable and fulfilling life, to land a career that challenges and excites me, and to feel proud of myself. Last year was the first year of my life that I felt I truly pushed myself and achieved things that I wouldn’t have thought possible previously, and it was the first time that I felt truly proud, I aspire to take that to the next level this year.
My involvement with Ellipsis was one of my favourite things about my first year in Liverpool. I started back at University with the intention of gathering as much real experience as possible and this society has helped me endlessly. In addition to interviewing bands and writing, I spend the majority of my time photographing my cat Mango, laughing to the point of tears at Impractical Jokers, telling people about the phenomenal imagination of Tom Delonge and wishing I could have some of the same, and dreaming about future adventures. I love people, I love words and at last, I love life.

Sophie Arthur Sophie Arthur
Deputy Editor
Second year English and Communications
Responsibilities: Secretary, Responding to Emails, Room Bookings and Administration, supporting the Co-Editors.
Favourite Drink: Mango and Passionfruit Iced Smoothie from Cafe Nero
Favourite Book: The Book of Joy by The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Favourite Place: Sefton Park
Aspirations: To make you fall in love with Ellipsis and its family as much as I have!
The mum of the friendship group and sunshine in human form. I’m the resident dancing queen and cheerleader for anyone who needs it! If I’m not doing Ellipsis, you’ll usually find me in the Guild or a coffee shop nearby giving a hug to a friend or having a laugh. I’d happily wander round Sefton Park all day in the rain or sun (or indeed anywhere else in this beautiful city).

Jessica Fleming Jessica Fleming
Music Editor
Third year Communication and Business Studies
Responsibilities: Leading Music Team, Running events and activities for society members, Finding/distributing writing opportunities.
Favourite Drink: Coffee in the Winter / Iced Coffee in the Summer
Favourite Book: Useless Magic by Florence Welch
Favourite Place: At a gig/festival with my best pals
Aspirations: To have an impact
Hey I’m Jessica- a third year student studying Communication & Business Studies, and also the Head Music Journo Editor at Ellipsis! I’m most likely to be found at a gig, or floating about in the Guild, the SJ or a coffee shop with my headphones on (99% of the time looking like I’m dressed for a festival). If you want an in-depth convo about music, or want to know some of the best places in Liverpool, then I’m your gal x

Eve-Marie Connolly Eve-Marie Connolly
Deputy Music Editor
Second year History and Politics
Responsibilities: Supporting Music Editor, Running events and activities for society members, Finding/distributing writing opportunities.
Favourite Drink: Dr Pepper
Favourite Book: Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson
Favourite Place: Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool
Aspirations: Music is my life, so my hopes are to get a band together and continue with my show on LS Radio “This is Radio Clash” and create more musical opportunities within the music community of Ellipsis!
I would love to go into a journalism or law career surrounding human rights as I am always deeply passionate when it comes to fighting for people’s freedoms. Records, reading, long walks, playing music and creating music are my passions and I am very excited to be deputy music editor and work alongside the beautiful people of Ellipsis.

Rachael Wass Rachael Wass
Culture Editor
Second year English Literature
Responsibilities: Leading Culture Team, Running events and activities for society members, Finding/distributing writing opportunities.
Favourite Drink: Gin and Tonic
Favourite Book: American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis
Favourite Place: Bed
Aspirations: To get an article published in Cosmopolitan
In my dreams, I’d accurately sum myself up by painting an image of me sat in a fairy-light adorned room, gin in hand, blue eyeliner swept on and listening to the sumptuous voice of George Ezra oozing out of the speakers of my record player… But instead you’ll probably find me in the Sydney Jones frantically writing an essay that I should have started approximately 4 years earlier. I am in degree limbo in my 2nd year studying English Literature and absolutely loving it with huge thanks to the Ellipsis family that are listed above and below me here! I also like musicals, binging Netflix shows, and mangoes.

Freya Darbyshire
Deputy Culture Editor
Second year English
Responsibilities: Supporting Culture Editor, Running events and activities for society members, Finding/distributing writing opportunities.
Favourite Drink: Got to be a banana milkshake
Favourite Book: Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela
Favourite Place: The mountains
Aspirations: I’d love to write books and theatre/film scripts… and also to be able to do a handstand because I’ve never been able to do one
I’m Freya, an English student, so naturally, I love to read and write. I like to think of myself as being fairly organised, I always manage to be just on time for everything, favourite meal of the day is breakfast, American Boy is my jam and most of my free time at uni is spent exploring Liverpool, which I’ve still got to do lots more of!! When I decide to give my mind a rest from writing essays for my course and articles for Ellipsis, I’ll most likely be walking in the countryside or along the prom, chasing the views.

Cailian Savage
Sport Editor
Second year English and Ancient History
Responsibilities: Leading Literature Team, Running events and activities for society members, Finding/distributing writing opportunities.
Favourite Drink: Buckfast for the memories, apple cider for the taste
Favourite Book: Pride and Prejudice. Or Catch-22. Or Storm of Swords. Depends on the day.
Favourite Place: Kazimier Gardens, the Raz, the Brookie, and anywhere near the Mediterranean.
Aspirations: Win an EGOT, use my vast wealth to bankroll nature conservation efforts, and become the ambassador to Italy. I’d also love to qualify for the Olympics, but that might be a little unrealistic.
I’m an avid fan of athletics (and most sports, in fairness), glossy American TV comedies, and boring people to tears by enthusiastically talking about history, the more ancient the better.

Kian Goodsell Kian Goodsell
Politics Editor
Second year Ancient History and International Politics
Responsibilities: Leading Politics Team, Running events and activities for society members, Finding/distributing writing opportunities.
Favourite Drink: Homemade kale smoothies, or a good bottle of Grove Manor before a night on the town!
Favourite Book: In terms of a single piece of literature, I don’t have one, but some of my favourite writers are Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Rupi Kaur.
Favourite Place: Albert Docks
Aspirations: I suppose when I grow up, I want to be a writer in areas of fashion, culture or politics.
My areas of passion are: politics and pop culture, art (in all its different mediums), independent films, Vine compilations, and RuPaul. You’ll probably be able to recognise me as the lad with the bold hair, tattoos and proper Northern accent. Despite being the Politics Editor, feel free to ignite a convo on Britney, Marina and the Diamonds, or how Ryan Gosling is the ultimate style icon!