Connor Pattison at the Coffee House Sessions

Durham-born singer-songwriter Connor Pattison has had a gig heavy year. After his Coffee House Session set in our very own Courtyard I caught up with Pattison in the midst of a 300 (and going strong) run of gigs throughout 2016, ‘I’m pretty shattered, but enjoying it!’.

The Coffee House Sessions have, in the past, helped small artists further their career to new heights and, with a tagline that boasts ‘supporting freshly brewed music, ’ it’s clear that CHS is a great opportunity for aspiring singers. On the topic, Pattison agreed that CHS was a great stepping stone for new artists and added: “it’s also a great way to meet people, such as yourself, who are willing to help get my work out onto new platforms”.

During his set, Pattison sang a mixture of covers and original songs to the ‘lunching’ courtyard audience. His acoustic, a stripped back version of The Weeknd’s ‘Can’t Feel My Face,’ was a great spin on the club favourite and got a table of people jigging in their seats. It helps during these sessions to get the student body on side with songs they know, “obviously I would like to play my own songs a lot more but playing covers helps when I’m doing sets like these, to keep the audience interested- it was nice to see people having a little dance today”.

Pattison’s originals were great to hear too, one song, which he introduced as a Christmas present for his ‘mam’, was a moving tribute to the woman who had brought him up, “that one is slightly special, it was written for my mum because I had no money for a Christmas present, but yeah I generally use personal experiences to influence my writing”.  Pattison’s sound is pretty chilled, stripped back and easy-listening. He cites influences such as Arctic Monkeys and Kings of Leon and told me that if he were stranded on a desert island and were allowed only one album to take, it would probably be the Arctic Monkeys’ AM.

Although it has been a pretty tiring year packed full of gigs for Connor Pattison, it is clear that he enjoys playing his music and is working hard to get his own work out there. His set for CHS, here at the Guild, was great and his sound and voice are a perfect recipe, setting him up to be the next Ed Sheeran or Passenger, perhaps! Who knows, but hopefully we will be hearing more of him in the future.

You can follow Connor’s work on Facebook and Twitter.

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