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COFFEE HOUSE SESSIONS: An Interview with The Wandering Hearts

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London-based folk-Americana four-piece The Wandering Hearts came to our very own Guild of Students as part of the Coffee House Sessions to play a few tunes, and our music ed chatted to Tara from the band about animals, new releases and getting signed in half an hour!

Chloe: How have the Coffee House Sessions been going so far?

Tara: It’s been great! We’ve had a really great time touring up and down the country, meeting lots of students at the universities and all the people that have come along, and it’s just been great, we’ve really enjoyed it.

Chloe: I read that you got signed within 30 minutes of releasing your first single, how did that happen?

Tara: It all happened very quickly. Tim and I met at a gig that we were playing at separately, and we really got on well, talking about similar music that we enjoyed, and we were put in touch with Chess and AJ by mutual friends. We met up for one rehearsal at Tim‘s flat in Crouch End, and started working on a song that Tim has written, and we recorded it at the next session and put it on SoundCloud, and our now-manager Steve contacted us about half an hour after we put that song on SoundCloud. It’s crazy, he’d never looked on SoundCloud for music before, and it was the first thing we’d ever put on there, it’s a bit like fate! So Steve’s now our manager, and he’s introduced us to Decca, who we’re now signed to, and it’s been a wonderful, crazy journey ever since!

Chloe: Who would you say that you are influenced by?

Tara: I think as a band we’ve all got quite different individual influences, but the kind of common thread is a love of really great lyrics and great music, so I guess artists like Fleetwood Mac and Simon & Garfunkel– we all listened to them as kids, and as we’ve got older, bands like First Aid Kit and Chris Stapleton have all been really great at encouraging us to look at that style of music.

Chloe: I think I can see that in your music, it’s quite folky and country-ish!

Tara: We browse across many different genres, so it’s been wonderful to use some of that to create what is The Wandering Hearts now.

Chloe: If you could describe your sound, how would you describe it?

Tara: I think the nearest definition, genre-wise, for us would be Americana-folk. Americana encompasses elements of country, blues, folk, so I think that’s a good description of us, Americana-folk with a lot of harmonies.

Chloe: If you could tour with anyone in the world, who would it be?

Tara: If we were gonna answer as a band I think it would be Fleetwood Mac. They’re doing a tour next year and I think that would be really cool.

Chloe: What have you got planned for the rest of the year?

Tara: A week on Friday, on the 17th, our next single comes out, that’s called Burning Bridges, and there’s a couple B-sides that are coming out at the same time, which is really cool. We’re supporting Amy McDonald at The Barrowlands in Glasgow in December, which we’re really looking forward to, and then it’s all gearing up towards the album, which is coming out early next year. We’re really looking forward to doing that, there’ll be a tour off the back of the album release, and then we’re going to Nashville in June to do some shows with Martha Stewart, who we toured with last month, so it’s all go, it’s all really exciting.

Chloe: Tell me about the new single…

Tara: We’re all really excited that the label chose to have Burning Bridges as the next single, and we wrote it at the end of last year when there was kind of a lot going on in the world. It’s just about how sometimes you can feel like you’re a bit lost and a bit alone, and it’s just about realising that you can reach out and there’s other people there to support you. It’s really exciting, that comes out a week next Friday, and there’s three other tracks that’ll come out at the same time, to just show a little bit of the different sides to The Wandering Hearts. 

Chloe: I guess it’s sort of like a preview of the album?

Tara: Exactly!

Chloe: If each member of The Wandering Hearts was an animal, which animal would you all be?

Tara: Oh, that’s a really good question! I think we should all be birds, because we’d all be able to fly, but let me ask Tim. Tim, if we could all be an animal, what would we all be? Okay, so Tim would be a monkey, I think Chess would be a mole, Chess would definitely be some kind of mole. What would AJ be, TimAJ would be an amoeba! And I think I would like to be a koala, actually. I like cuddles, so I’d like to be a koala.

You can listen to The Wandering Hearts latest single ‘Burning Bridges’ here.

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