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Eve-Marie had the pleasure of interviewing FLAWES, made up of singer, pianist and bassist Josh Carruthers (JC), drummer Josh Hussey (Huss) and guitarist Freddie Edwards, after they performed in the Liverpool’s humble Guild as part of the Coffee House Sessions, which is a platform for bands to use to play live music in nearly 20 students’ unions throughout the country.

Eve-Marie: Hi guys, so how’ve the Coffee House sessions been so far, have they been good?

Huss: Yeah they’ve been cool! It’s definitely interesting to play our songs in a stripped format, usually when we perform there’s a lot more going on onstage. It’s cool to visit cities we’ve never played in before and meet people we haven’t played to.

JC: I don’t think we’ve ever played Liverpool!

Eve-Marie: What a city, so where did you guys meet?

JC: Me and Huss went to school together, known each other for a long time, met Freddie through some mutual friends and that was it! I was writing some ideas two years ago now, with no intention or aim or anything, just writing songs just for the sake of it really, and Huss was into it and I asked him if he wanted to play drums and that’s how it came about. We were all already playing for different bands and stuff, met Freddie through a bassist I knew, all connected up, had one rehearsal in King’s Cross in London and it just kinda-

Huss: Never looked back. (laughter)

Eve-Marie: You’ve played a lot of festivals over the summer, including Radio 1’s Big Weekend, how did it feel to be a part of something like that?

JC: Yeah it was sweet, just to see a huge poster with huge names like Katy Perry, and we could see us on it, that was-

Huss: Surreal feeling.

JC: Yeah, like a big moment, the whole day was amazing, being backstage being like ah look! That’s the drummer of whoever and that’s the guitarist of whoever-

Freddie: Even the DJs are quite famous now, meeting Greg James and seeing him was really cool.

JC: We went on just as Haim finished, they were on the second stage, so all of the crowd from their gig came past us – it was just a cool day.

Eve-Marie: Was that the best bit about your summer or were there any more festivals that stood out?

Freddie: We just did the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, and that was pretty cool.

JC: We ended up playing three shows, so it was a lot of-

Huss: Moving around very quickly.

Eve-Marie: Are you used to the travelling or was that a new experience?

Huss: Yeah it was cool! We’re adapting to it I think.

Freddie: Definitely tiring but it’s worth it when the shows are good.

Huss: The German crowds were awesome, we did the Reeperbahn Festival and then we toured around Germany with Maximo Park, so we did five extra shows around the country, it was a good few weeks!

Eve-Marie: What’s your favourite song to play live?

Freddie: I think it’s different for all of us, there’s a song called Misunderstood on the second EP and we’ve changed the arrangement slightly for the live version and there’s a big, so for me that’s my favourite.

Huss: I like playing Forever, it’s one of our new singles that we released early on this year, I do a lot in that song so it’s quite fun to play, a lot of samples to trigger and things to hit! Which is fun.

JC: I’d probably say Don’t Wait For Me, it’s the song that we played first today, it’s the first song that we ever released, kicked everything off for us, so I have that quite close to my heart.

Huss: It was the song that was picked up by Radio One as Track of the Week and that’s how we got signed.

JC: So that song means a lot to all of us.

Eve-Marie: So do you like playing live and changing the way your songs are structured?

JC: Yeah, doing things today where we don’t have a lot of space-

Huss: Getting a bit friendly onstage (laughter)

JC: Doing slightly different arrangements keeps it fresh I guess!

Eve-Marie: Do you have any musical influences that inspired you?

Freddie: Individually we’re quite different, I like blues guitarists and Huss likes hip hop, what do you like JC?

JC: Just a bit of everything really.

Freddie: But as a band I think people like London Grammar, Half Moon Run, loads of different people but I think our sound has started to go a bit more pop? So we’re starting to take influence from different people.

Eve-Marie: Who would you perform with if you got the chance?

JC: I think we’ve always liked the idea of having a female vocalist, doing a little duet type thing – Halsey or Dua Lipa.

Huss: Or just go straight in at Coldplay!

JC: But that would be like a band and a band!

Huss: Feel like we could merge-

Freddie: Just use their drummer- (laughter)

Huss: Right, this interview is over! (laughter)

Eve-Marie: Have you got any more music or gigs lined up for the rest of this year and the start of next year?

Freddie: Yes, we’ve got a new single coming out in November 17th called This Could be Real. Then we’re just focusing on finishing the album which will be out next year.

Eve-Marie: Finally, do you have any advice for any inspired or aspiring musicians who want to start playing music?

JC: Practice, figure out what it is that you want to get out of it, the hours you put in you’ll get back.

Huss: Never turn down any opportunity or gig just because there’s going to be five people there, you never know who’s going to be there and who those five people are.

Freddie: Now you have to do so much yourself, the sooner you start to get your head around those things the better.

Eve-Marie: Thank you so much for your time and good luck in future gigs, can’t wait for the new music!

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