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Circa Waves @ Jacaranda Phase One (06/04/19)

When I first saw Circa Waves over two years ago now, the band had just released their second album, and I was a fresher who was very new to Uni life. Fast forwarding to now, and whilst I may be reaching the end of my degree, Circa Waves are back with their brand new album What’s It Like Over There?. Jumping at the chance to see them before I graduate, I headed down to their album instore at Jacaranda Phase One. 

Opening their set with the belter that is ‘Wake Up’, the crowd erupted with energy, screaming the lyrics back at frontman Kieran Shudall. This energy did not seem to drop at all during the band’s 45-minute set, making the gig almost like a work out. Before I knew it, there were mosh pits all around, and even a few crowd surfers!

Whilst their set was short, the band managed to pack in as many tunes as possible, playing a mixture from all three of their albums, and also showing the versatility within their music. The heaviness of second album Different Creatures is such a contrast from the summery vibes of their debut Young Chasers, with What’s It Like Over There? being described as mixture between the two.

Despite their third album having only been released the previous day, the newer songs ‘Movies’, ‘Times Won’t Change Me’ and ‘Be Somebody Good’ all went down a treat – gaining as much excitement from the crowd, as the band’s earlier releases. Probably one of my favourite tracks of the night was the anthemic ‘Stuck’ taken from second album Different Creatures which has a climatic build up before it explodes into a guitar solo. Following this came fan favourite ‘Stuck In My Teeth’, with the lyrics “I’m a little too young with not enough time” probably being a line that at every uni student has related to at one time or another.

Finishing off the night with ‘T-Shirt Weather’ was a strong move for the group, and it was not a surprise that as soon as the opening notes were played the whole room descended into a mosh pit, singing the tune at the top of their lungs.

All in all, you know that you’re going to have a blast seeing Circa Waves, especially with it being a home city gig. I just hope I don’t have to wait another 2 years before I see them again!

Circa Waves’ third album can be streamed now on all major streaming platforms, and can be bought here

You can buy tickets to their upcoming UK Tour here

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