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Learning to Love Yourself

Self-love, like many things in life, is not a constant given. Struggles with body image are very real, and very hard. Zena discusses learning to love yourself and the importance of not allowing idealised Instagram accounts to distort your perceptions.


Millennials – Let’s take charge!

The average age for world leaders ranges from 50-70 years old, only 22% percent of our MPs are women and 4% are ethnic minorities whereas in the UK ethnic minorities make up 12% of the population with women making up 51%. It is therefore understandable that young people can become indifferent to the world of politics, as these statistics show we just don’t see ourselves in them.

Do people share too much on social media? 0

Do people share too much on social media?

Think before you share, follow online safety tips, be friendly to others and don’t take a turn into the dark alley of social media. Some things really are better left unsaid.