Capital’s Monster Mash-Up @ LGoS

The Crowd

As a bit of a non-believer to the whole DJ-concert thing, Capital’s Halloween Monster Mash-Up was a helluva way to change my mind. In fact, it’s probably the perfect start to anyone’s Halloweekend, from the minute you step in and are greeted by ominous skull-faced ghouls, to the exhausting, satisfying last bass drop.

Coming into the hall, the floor is packed. Towards the front it’s hot as hell, so we go further back as we’re not super in the mood to sauna. Queues are long and drinks are expensive which is unfortunate, though understandably the main draw here is really the spectacle of the night, combined with both well-known and upcoming DJs. As for the former, making our way through the crowd it’s pretty heartening to see a brilliant array of costumes, with hellish demon spawn (seriously, coloured contacts are terrifying) casually mingling with the Joker, and Guy Fawkes grabbing a drink with a zombie or two.

And re: the latter, each act performs a tight set, with the resident DJ filling the space in between acts with mostly remixes of chart pop. While not a big name, said resident DJ’s initial sets do come with a rad dance squad. I’d never thought I’d need to see zombie monks breaking out into killer hip hop routines but honestly now it’s an image I don’t know how I lived without before. In terms of the headliners, each individual artists gives a showing of their finer subset of electronic music, whether they be original songs and/or more distinctive house soundscapes. Together they form a varied sequence that manages to avoid becoming stale.

Probably the best known, Kygo brings his easy-to-listen-to tropical house to the stage, though suffers a bit being the penultimate act and dipping in energy. For example, Firestone, while a great song in its own right, is a bit too relaxed to be an effective set closer. Without a cutting beat the crowd is more likely to politely sway than really get into it. Those expecting to be blown away by Kygo would’ve been disappointed, though the novelty of a familiar act live was probably enough for some.

Sigala is more than up to the challenge of bringing the energy right back however, evoking a huge response with thumping, melodic tracks such as Sweet Lovin’ and Easy Love, even if constantly asking the audience to scream and put their hands up is a tad unnecessary. The night-ending set transcends this annoyance though, and is a great finale.

The Monster Mash-Up is a really solid night out, and one that works together well with the usual Halloween fixtures of house parties and club nights. With its combination of a well-calibrated atmosphere and varied and impressive acts, this is an event already in my calendar for next year.

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