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brooders gig

After that initial giddy excitement of getting to a gig, we emerged into Seel Street’s basement venue, Zanzibar; having only been there once before it was great to go back. The dingy basement, lit only by the bar and a snaking of fairy lights behind the stage, turned out to be the perfect setting for psych-grunge trio Brooders, who, as you may have already gathered, had a grungy sound to suit the grungy venue.

Now based in Leeds, Adam, Adam and Liam of Brooders were in Liverpool for the third show of their tour alongside bluesy duo Kitt Trigg and fellow Leeds band Goldsands. The atmosphere in Zanzibar was very laid back; when it was time for their set Brooders climbed on stage from the audience side and went straight into a high energy, heavy riffed song. What first struck me about the band was their combination of high energy performance and the ordinariness of their look, which made me think back to footage of early grunge bands from the 1990s, who held up the ‘you can do it’ ethos of punk before them.

The three members of the band seemed to have great chemistry on stage, each of them playing the songs with an amazing amount of energy.  During songs. Adam Bairstow (Guitar and Vocals) switched seamlessly between a low, smooth singing voice to an ear-piercing scream, which was captivating to watch. Bairstow was also able to chat comfortably to the crowd in between songs greeting us with a classic reference to our mop-topped friends ‘it’s great to be here in Beatle country’ and inviting anyone to come for a chat after the gig.

A personal highlight for me was their latest single ‘Haze’, which I must say I had only listened to once or twice prior to the gig. When it was played live ‘Haze’ really stood out on the set list with the unusual presence of slow melodic verses alongside heavy guitar riffs breaking any preconceptions of the band being limited to a heavy grunge sound.

For a band starting off, Brooders played a brilliant set with amazing energy and passion and I look forward to seeing where the trio go from here.

You can find Brooder’s new EP Hunny on Spotify and Soundcloud.

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