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Brick House Review


Taken by Tommy Lam

While the rest of Liverpool seemed to be settling down for another cold, dark Monday night in March, myself and a few friends made our way past Albert Dock towards Mathew Street. Renowned for its legendary music venues including the venue for tonight’s ‘Cutting teeth’ gig, the street seemed relatively empty until we made our way down the steps to Lennon’s Bar. It was crammed with students and if not for the beautiful harmonies of ‘David flower and Petals’ I wouldn’t have noticed the band playing at all. The group, made up of Joseph Mott on vocals and guitar, Jack Lewis on Guitar, and the angelic voices of Charley Owen, Ellie Dewsbury and Molly Goss-Turner continued to charm the audience with soulful acoustic melodies throughout their set. The room was stunned to silence.

Other support acts followed, each one showcasing their unique style. These included The Hurlitzers, Late Jazz Quartet and Milpool. Towards the end of Milpool’s set the mood suddenly shifted as if the audience knew something amazing was about to happen. This anticipation was met by the appearance of Brick House, a UoL Band who have gone from strength to strength since forming back in October. The lead singer and guitarist Benjamin Roche dressed in a suit and tie while the other members of the band (Rob Much on guitar, Manu Ahmed on keys, Lee Shaw playing bass and Stuart Wilson on drums) dressed more casually.

The venue for the band’s headline gig was wisely chosen, as the acoustics of the small but intimate bar complimented the funky alternative style of their songs. The relaxed atmosphere was helped by the lead singer’s cocky remarks between songs, which seemed genuine and characterful rather than rehearsed, e.g. ‘if you liked that then you’ll hate this’. The ever-changing ska rhythms and tempos of each song kept the audience on their toes, and their final song ‘World’s most hated Man’ left the audience wanting more. The encore was answered with an epic solo by bassist Lee Shaw, one that most considered to be the highlight of the night. When speaking to Benjamin after the gig he simply said ‘I’d like to thank Rob, and Katie Perry’. As long as they keep the individuality and flare which they started with, you are likely to be hearing much more from Brick House in the future.

Check out Brick House’s song, ‘Hour of Action’ by following this link:


(Featured image credit: Photo by Tommy Lam, taken from Facebook.)

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