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Black Pulp- ‘Cry Again’: A Review

Liverpool’s very own Black Pulp are back with brand new single Cry Again, and what a masterpiece it is!

The new tune from the indie four-piece is slightly more hard-hitting than previous singles Vapour and SMOKESCREEN, while still epitomising the angsty-yet-vibrant sound that Black Pulp are becoming synonymous with. The band have been compared to early Foals more than once, and with good reason, as they have all the ingredients to reach those sort of heights in the future, and Cry Again is a perfect example of this. If you like your indie-rock a little bit grittier than average, Black Pulp are definitely for you.

Following the band’s triumphant performance at EBGBS for the Run Rabbitt Run gig a few weeks ago, they’re supporting Skinner’s Lane at Buyer’s Club on 23rd March – so why not get yourselves down there to hear this brilliant brand-new track in person?

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