Black History Month in Liverpool: What’s On and Why It’s Important

This year marks Black History Month UK’s 30th birthday, after its founding in 1987 and it’s a very special time for black Britons. Black History Month is important for many reasons. It simultaneously recognises and celebrates the achievements, struggles and monumental events for the black community. Black activist groups also continue to shed light on the imbalance of justice in British society today for ethnic minorities, which unfortunately is perpetual, even in 2017.

So what’s the Guild doing to celebrate Black History Month?

There is an opportunity to suggest names of influential and significant people to be featured on the wall leading to the cinema room in the Guild, to pay homage to them and their achievements. This is in collaboration with the Afro-Caribbean Society, who also hosting many events that throughout the month of October such as The Great Debate on the 18th October, which is an opportunity for members of the society to debate against the Liverpool Hope Afro-Caribbean society about current affairs and issues surrounding POC.

There are also many exciting events happening around Liverpool. Over at the International Slavery Museum (by the Docks) is an exhibition of art, photography and film. Continuing the Journey’ showcases personal accounts and memoirs of the black experience in and around Liverpool. Similarly, the Merseyside Maritime Museum, a new exhibition named ‘Black Salt: Britain’s Black sailors’ is now live, and explores the tireless work of the Black seafarers through forms of memorabilia, historic data and live accounts of those perilous times. On the 25th October, from 12.30 – 14.45, Dr Nicola Rollock (an academic of Goldsmiths, University of London) will be the keynote speaker of a talk, titled ‘White Privilege: What is it and does it really exist in UK Higher Education?’. Set to be an exciting and enlightening event, this will be taking place at the Liverpool John Moore’s University’s Egerton Court Boardroom. For more information about any of the aforementioned events please visit the Black History Month site here. where there are numerous listing of events celebrating Black History Month in Liverpool and across the UK.

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