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Benjamin Francis Leftwich @ LEAF – Preview

Hailing from York, Benjamin Francis Leftwich is set to make an appearance at LEAF on Bold Street on Sunday 31st March. Indie folk favourites such as ‘Atlas Hands’ and ‘Shine’ are some of Leftwich’s most recognisable songs, but his latest album Gratitude will no doubt be the centre point of Sunday’s gig.

The titular track which opens the new album is an ode to existence and being aware of the fleeting quality of life. Layered with a chorus of harmonies, subtle saxophone melodies and resonating electronic sound effects, ‘Gratitude’ is a gateway into the accompanying 11 tracks on the album. ‘Look Ma!’ and ‘Tell Me You Started to Pray’ have already racked up a huge number of listens on Spotify in the album’s release month, promising an incredibly positive response from listeners.

Leftwich’s style very much has a calming effect on the musical soul, and his voice is a treat to the ear. This comforting quality of Leftwich’s music has remained a constant throughout all three albums, in spite of the fact that 2019 album Gratitude sounds a lot more experimental than the last. The progression in sound that Benjamin Francis Leftwich is putting out is refreshing whilst still retaining the integral style of soft indie that makes his music so enjoyable.

Treat someone who means the most to you this Mother’s Day by taking them to see a wonderfully beautiful man play some wonderfully beautiful music. Tickets are available on this link.

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