Author: Billie Walker


1927’s Golem: A Review

A mixture of Jewish mythology and a contemporary Frankenstein tale: Golem heeds a warning to viewers of the dangers of capitalism.

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Me too.

The #metoo Campaign was started by Tarana Black ten years ago as a way for sexual assault victims to find strength in solidarity.


Pygmalion: A Review

The production of Pygmalion, with its explicit reference to the north-south divide and the stereotypes therein, reviewed by our very own Billie Walker

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The 24 Hour Play Festival

8 Writers, 7 Directors, 20 Actors and 24 Hours. Producer Kelly Litt inflicts his writing, rehearsal and production of The 24 Hour Play Project on his LIPA peers.

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In 21st Century Britain benefits and government spending is being cut in all areas causing homelessness to rise significantly. Billie Walker tells us more…


Millennials – Let’s take charge!

The average age for world leaders ranges from 50-70 years old, only 22% percent of our MPs are women and 4% are ethnic minorities whereas in the UK ethnic minorities make up 12% of the population with women making up 51%. It is therefore understandable that young people can become indifferent to the world of politics, as these statistics show we just don’t see ourselves in them.