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An Introduction to Liverpool with Ananda Mohan, Deputy Guild President

Ananda Mohan is Deputy President of Liverpool Guild of Students and I recently sat down with him in his favourite place – The Guild, to chat about his time in Liverpool.


How would you best describe yourself?

Tough question right from the start! I’m fun (I think!), I like to engage with people and I like to think I’m approachable.

 How would you best describe your role?

My role is… if Sean dies, I take power. Without any intention to kill him of course!

I’m just like any other student officer because we split it differently, so our role is to be a Student Representative Officer (SRO) and what we do is represent students, but on various different scales, for example, in Liverpool City Council, in the University, in the wider student union body. But what we do exactly is based on our manifesto pledges and based on agreed portfolio splits. The way we run means that there’s no set officer, unlike other student unions, so when that happens sometimes things can fall through the cracks if we are only basing it on manifesto pledges, so we split portfolios. I’m taking care of volunteering, even though I didn’t promise to do much on volunteering in my SRO election, but I did in my NUS election. We also attend loads of committee meetings, so we can spend days without ever sitting down in the office because they’re more in the Foundation Building.

What societies were you part of?

I was part of the Advocacy Society and Hindu Soc committees. But, I also took part in loads of different societies like BarSoc, Legal Soc (with my course), I got involved with Sikh Soc. Not much when I was a student, but as an officer, I’ve been to more of the huge range of societies, and getting involved with Salsa, Dance (if you can imagine me dancing!), Malaysian Soc, Singapore Soc, SAS, so A LOT! I’ve tried to meet as many as I could, as many times as I could.

What degree did/do you study?

I studied Law.

Did you always want to do that?

No… When I was growing up, my parents and my family were sort of pushing me to do Medicine, which was fun, in a way, and I was hoping to do Medicine, but as I came up to GCSE equivalents, I started thinking “Maybe this isn’t the right thing for me to do for another 5 years” and “Do I really want to do that for the rest of my life?” so at that point I think I was interested in Dentistry and someone asked me “Do I mind seeing mouths for the rest of my life?” and I started to think “maybe not.” Then Law became an option so I took it.

What was your childhood dream?

To be Batman! It’s still a dream, I’m not shying away from that!

 If you could be anything in 10 years’ time, what would you be?

Batman! If you hear about Batman running around saving crime, that is me! You heard it here first!

Do you have a favourite quote/motto?

I’m not going to say… Well yes, I am it’s obviously “Vote Moh, Get Moh”, because it was so good in the campaign! I think the quote that I really want to take away though and try and live my life by is either “Be the change you wish to see”, or the Gandalf quote which is something like “We can’t question the circumstances we’re in, we can only decide to do with the time we get given to us”.

What do you miss most about Liverpool when you’re not here?

The students. The people that I’ve met here in the University that’s what I miss. It depends on where I’m going though. If I’m going home, it’s the freedoms! I haven’t really been away from Liverpool that much and I’m from Malaysia, so I do love the city and being here, but I don’t have the same attachments maybe, as Sean does?

Favourite place?

The Guild. That sounds so cheesy! I don’t want to give away my secret spot!


Because that’s where everything happens! You can just go around and there’s so much happening.

Do you have a favourite memory in this place?

Loads! I think my favourite memory would be one night, I think it was Tuesday night, on which I visited 12 different societies and got involved with every activity that they did and it was just a whole host of different things happening at the same time. Where else are you going to get that, if not the Guild?

 Liverpool in his own words…

Best day out in Liverpool?

Sefton Park? Or the docks? But the best day out I ever had was at the Liverpool football game again Crystal Palace in 2014 with my dad! Best day out ever!

Best way to spend a rainy day in Liverpool?

At home, Netflix or doing your homework!

Best place to celebrate Christmas in Liverpool?

I haven’t actually celebrated Christmas in Liverpool and the one time I did I was studying very hard!

Best place to take your mum when she visits?

The Cathedrals and the docks.

Best place to have a good time and spend less than a fiver?

The Guild!

Best view of Liverpool?

7th floor, Brett building.

Best place to go when you’re hungry?

Well I’m Malaysian so I’m going to any Malaysian restaurant.

Best place to get to know more about Liverpool?

Go to any of the museums down in town or near St George’s Hall. Or talk to any scouser in the University.

 Best thing about Liverpool?

The people. And the Architecture!

Best event you’ve been to in Liverpool?

Let’s go with Graduation! That’s a nice answer.

If you want to find out more about Ananda’s work in the Guild have a look here:

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