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An Interview With Walk The Moon

WALK THE MOON have always been a favourite band of mine, from their earlier releases such as Anna Sun and Tightrope, to more recent tracks Shut Up and Dance and Kamikaze. After having released a brand new album ‘What If Nothing’ earlier this year, the band were back in the UK for their European tour, giving Ellipsis the great opportunity to find out how 2018 has been for them so far…

Jess: How’s the tour been so far, you only have 2 more dates to go! Have you had a favourite place to play?

WALK THE MOON: Yes that’s right! Manchester was a show that we recently played that had an excellent crowd, they almost did like a football chant after one of our songs. It’s been a great tour because its been a while since we’ve been back here, having to put a tour aside about a year and a half ago. So I think everybody has been really excited for this run, a lot of potential concert energy that we’re pulling out of everybody. It has been awesome, it’s great to hear the accent screaming our lyrics back at us. I realised 2 nights ago in London, we did Anna Sun and I could hear the accent on ‘Anna’ *Imitates English accent*

Jess: I bet! How would you say the UK compares to the US for tour dates and gigs?

WALK THE MOON: It does feel like a second home for us. We’re more established in The States than we are in Europe so we are laying more intimate venues, and sometimes to audiences that aren’t as familiar with us. So coming to the UK after spending a few weeks in Europe it definitely felt like a bit of a homecoming, the audience was just ready for us to be back. It felt great.

Jess: What would you say is your favourite track to play live or does it constantly change?

WALK THE MOON: It definitely constantly changes! The new songs are so fun, Headphones is a real banger. Its a pretty great feeling to play these songs live finally, because we kind of approached the writing process differently for this than the other records. The last couple records we really had in mind how these songs would end up live when performing them and how crowds would react, and this time we kind of stripped all that away and just explored the songs from a studio perspective and how they are going to sound on a record and how they are going to translate into your headphones.

Jess: Yeah I was going to say, you released your new album ‘What If Nothing’ back in November, how was the recording process for this, because like you said, it felt completely different?

WALK THE MOON: Yeah there were some major differences, there was also the fact that we split it up amongst two different producers this time, where as normally we just have a session with just one guy and this time we decided to take our time. We had different sessions where we lived out in LA and would go back and forth to the studio all day, and sometimes we were there as a group, and sometimes we were there individually and we had two different producers like I said, one who was kind of from the Hip Hop more Pop world, and one who was from the Rock world, and actually, you’re in Liverpool right? One of our producers is named Mike Crostly, from Belfast but spent a lot of time in Liverpool.

Jess: Would you say you prefer touring or recording then?

WALK THE MOON: They’re so different- like the Yin and Yang of our lives. You definitely miss the other when you’re deep inside one. Towards the end of recording I can’t wait to get out and play these songs on the road, and after you’ve been touring for a while you get excited about exploring new material.

Jess: How would you say that your music and the band has developed and changed from your early releases back in 2012 with Anna Sun to now with the new record and tracks like Kamikaze and headphones?

WALK THE MOON: We certainly haven’t narrowed our music style, it continues to be really diverse over the course of the new record. And also we’ve gotten better at being more raw and emotional and vulnerable with the lyrics and music, this record is definitely the most exposed that we’ve ever been on an album just in terms of what we’re dealing with personally and being willing to share it and having the ability to translate that into a song.

Jess: So your plans for the summer! I saw you’re playing at Lollapalooza and then your also joining 30 Seconds to Mars on tour, are you excited?

WALK THE MOON: No we might just call it off actually. *laughs* Yes yes, we love festivals, thats such a treat, the certain festivals become legendary and Lollapalooza is definitely one of those festivals. Meanwhile, we are so pumped to be going on tour with 30 Seconds To Marsthe tour is going to be humongous and we’ll be playing arenas and amphitheatres, and their new album just dropped and there is all sorts of madness going on. I think its going to be pretty badass. We’re on the road with them for 2 months!

Jess: And finally, what music would you say you’re currently listening to, if you had to recommend anything?

WALK THE MOON: We have some pretty diverse musical tastes, like our greenroom playlist has everyone from Snoop Dog to Bear Hands. The other night coming on the bus to Ireland we had a ‘heavy riff’ contest where we each tried to play a song with the heaviest riff. It turned into a metal sludge fest for about 2 hours! Getting us in the mood for the Irish audience. Right now there is a great new band called FLOR!

Check out the music video for Kamikaze here

Photo Credit: Brian Ziff

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