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An Interview with Tom Grennan

Bedford born musician Tom Grennan is one you’re probably hearing a lot about lately, and with good reason. The combination of charm, creativity, and authenticity from this young artist are as captivating as his music.

I had the pleasure of spending a bit of time with Tom on his tour bus before his sold out show in Birmingham on Saturday. His positive energy was immediately contagious and stood as a good indicator for how encompassing the show would be. As it hammered down with snow outside (in the middle of March?), we spoke about his sold out UK tour, his opinions on tinder, and got through some random facts about him.

Ellie: Hey! Welcome to Birmingham, are you looking forward to the show?

Tom: Hey, nice to meet you. Yeah I’m buzzing for the show! I’m a bit worried about the snow though, I hope it doesn’t stop people coming out.

Ellie: No way, there’s a huge queue. It’s sold out right?

Tom: Yeah, the whole tour is sold out, I’m really excited.

Ellie: So how was Bristol last night?

Tom: Yeah it went really well thanks! Lots of great energy, I’m loving the tour already.

Ellie: Good to hear! Do you mind if we start off with some quick fire questions?

Tom: No, that’s cool. Let’s do it.

Ellie: Okay, great.

Cats or dogs: Dogs

Best holiday you’ve ever been on: America

Have you only been once: No, I’ve been a few times, but only once on holiday

Favourite colour: Dark green

Favourite pudding: Sticky toffee

Something you’re scared of: The dark

Earliest memory: Falling off my bike at the age of about three

What socks are you wearing today: Nike white ones

Best accent you can do: G’day mate, I’m Tom Grennan!

Who would you most like to collaborate with: Adele

Who would you most like to have interview you: You

If you had to change your name right now, what would you change it to: Kirky

Celebrity crush: Selena Gomez

Ellie: Thanks for that! I have a few more questions if that’s cool!

Tom: Yeah, of course!

Ellie: So can we have a bit of background on you as a musician? How did it all start?

Tom: Sure. How it all started…I was really pissed at a party once when I was about 18 and I was doing karaoke and realised I was actually alright and it and decided it was something that I wanted to do. So I moved to London, went to uni and did acting, and then I taught myself how to play guitar and just went out and found gigs in my second year and just went through the grind. Luckily enough I got picked up by a record label in my third year, and here we are today.

Ellie: That’s great. I really wanted to ask you about the song I Might, it’s my favourite song by you. I think the notion of really wanting to remain free but then also kind of wanting to settle down is something that our entire generation really relate to. I just wondered what you thought about the whole tinder generation and the way we do things now?

Tom: The Tinder generation! Well I’m not actually on Tinder, I like the old fashioned way. I like sitting in a bar, or sitting on a bus, or wherever, and meeting someone and actually talking to them.

Ellie: Yeah, the way our generation date is really different to that isn’t it?

Tom: Yeah, it really is. I prefer actually meeting in person rather than meeting over a phone then sitting there blank faced when you actually see each other. I’m not into it but that’s the day we’re in isn’t it!

Ellie: Yeah, I think it’s all going to come back around and people are going to rebel against it and actually go back to talking in person.

Tom: Yeah, hopefully!

Ellie: So you said you wanted to collaborate with Adele, I take it you’re a huge fan?

Tom: Yeah, absolutely massive fan. She’s amazing.

Ellie: Who else are you into?

Tom: Amy Winehouse, I absolutely love her. Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury, George Michael, Bob Marley, Boy Better Know, Wiley, I’m into a guy called Jaykae who’s new, he’s from Birmingham, another guy from Birmingham called Mist, J Hus. I’m into loads of stuff! I listen to music a lot.

Ellie: There are some great names there. So if it wasn’t for music what would you be doing?

Tom: Well I was pretty shit at school so I’d probably be on a building site with my Dad or something. I’d definitely try to travel the world if I could though.

Ellie: Awesome, well that wraps it up. It was great talking to you and I’m really looking forward to the show!

Tom: Yeah, I’ve enjoyed it! Have a good one tonight.

You can listen to Tom’s latest single Sober here:


The new album Lighting Matches is available for pre-order here:


And you should absolutely keep an eye out for future shows because Saturday was a night that I won’t be forgetting any time soon. The energy in the room was amazing, and the performance even more so. The crowd switched between dancing like they didn’t care to holding lights up with their hands on their hearts. It was a pleasure, but not a surprise, to see how much everybody enjoyed the evening and I’ll definitely be going back for more.

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