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An Interview with The Jjohns

After a busy summer playing a string of festivals including Y Not, Sound City, and Shout About It, I caught up with The Jjohns frontman to talk about their latest single, future plans, and much more!

Jess: So you’ve recently released your debut single release for the Modern Sky UK Label! What’s the story behind ‘Sewn’?

Dom: We were in Eindhoven playing Fleetwood Mac songs and a certain song took to my attention so I tried to write a song in that style. Came back from the trip then me and Mik picked up the guitars and the magic happened.

Jess: How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t listened to your music before?

Dom: Exciting, real, raw and honest straight from the soul. Our melodies are instantly catchy so you’re drawn in pretty quick. I’d like to think our music keeps people happy.

Jess: You played Shout About It Festival last weekend, how was that experience for you? Did you get to check out any of the other bands playing?

Dom: We didn’t catch any other bands sadly, but shout about it was really enjoyable. The organizers were lovely, welcoming people and all in all it was a great enjoyable gig.

Jess: What’s your favourite song to play at gigs and why?

Dom: A new Song called Wreckage’, it’s my favourite I’ve wrote for a while. Whatever is new of ours I enjoy most to be honest. Don’t really like the state of repetition so try to mix up the set list take old songs out put new ones in etc.

Jess: What have you got planned for the rest of the year? Is there an EP on the way?

Dom: Yeah laaaaaa. I’m glad to say there is an EP on the way with 4 songs that I’m sure people will enjoy!

Jess: Best moment of 2018 so far? 

Dom: Y Not Festival, we camped over and our tent ended up blowing away in the violent wind and rain but it was one of those experiences where it was a great laugh. Sitting drinking and watching great bands with my brothers, the organizers were brilliant and it was a well-run festival. We were singing and dancing in the rain, everyone was feeling the rain rather than getting wet. The gig itself was a success, Packed out tent lots of new fans gained for us. I found a lot of great new bands through that festival, that’s the joy of it all. You go to the festival and discover more music.

Jess: What bands/artists are you current listening to?

Dom: Jackson C Frank, 2PacThe BandGet on Ladies my mates band. They are currently unsigned but their melodies are brilliant. Song of the year so far for me is Sometimes you just gotta lose’ on Spotify. Also the video is great for it, find it on YouTube. The melody and lyrics blow me away and relate to me so much. I love finding songs that go in congruence with your life. I play Robert Johnson every day, his guitar playing gives me goose bumps. I find myself going back a lot. As far as current music goes I like Kyle Falconer‘s solo work, glad to be playing with him in September. Oh Peter Green. He’s my hero!!

Jess: If you could be any animal, what animal would you be? 

Dom: An Albatross bird! They are so tranquil and free. Plus everyone wants to fly don’t they?

You can listen to The Jjohns’ latest single ‘Sewn’ on Spotify here 

Catch them in Manchester at Jimmy’s on 16th September supporting Palava

Image credit: Mike Burns

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