An Interview with Skinner’s Lane


What’s the meaning behind the band name?

It was named after a street name in Surrey, we spotted it on a family road trip. We had a few potential names, and this was the best of the bunch!

Can you describe your style of music in your own words?

We usually say heavy garage indie-rock that’s quite ‘riff-y’ and ideally if you can mosh to it that’s great! As long as you’re having fun, we’re having fun. 

What’s your favourite song or lyric you’ve ever made?

There’s a song called To My Face, just with the verse and the riff it’s quite memorable and it’s quite sad as well, we really enjoy playing that one.

Also, there’s a bit in Brighton with the lyric ‘Merry go round and merry go round’ just before going into the pre-chords that’s fun to play.

What’s your favourite memory as a band?

Sound, where everyone was really into it and going mental, it was a really good gig and Zak killed it, we were on point and the crowd were great.

What’s your favourite place to perform?

We love it here [Studio2], it feels homely for us and also, we’ve recorded next door recently and we always enjoyed playing Magnet too.

What would you say is your biggest achievement so far?

Recording our single probably, we just smashed out two songs and it was really smooth, we were really efficient about it and it was a very successful day. Also opening for several different acts that have been on tour like Chase City over the summer and Fiona Grey and The Wild Things.

What’s your dream for the future of the band?

Wembley! Also, we’d like to do a tour and be sold out, that’d be the dream. Two weeks intensive up and down the country, mental back to back gigs, no sleep.

Festivals is a big one we’d love to do, the big dream would be Glastonbury and we’d love to play Sound City, the vibe at festivals is great. 

What’s your guilty pleasure song?

James: Mine would be Justin Bieber songs, I secretly love them.

Rob: That’s a tough one…I used to say Maroon 5 but then they’re f***ing sick. So now I’d say Charlie Puth who I listen to a lot alone in my car. I know I shouldn’t enjoy it but then it’s the funky baselines.

Zak has got an impeccable music taste so none of it’s bad…

Zak: Say Say Say by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson? But Michael Jackson is sick though.

Finally, What’s one thing on your bucket list?

Sky diving! Also, we’d like to go backpacking, take no money and just vanish for half a year, and maybe go mountain climbing on one of the biggest mountains in the world, definitely travel.

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