An interview with Saint Raymond

Before taking to the stage at The Arts Club, I got the chance to chat to Callum Burrows (more commonly known as Saint Raymond) backstage about his current tour, what he’s been fascinated by recently on Instagram and his own thoughts about the city of Liverpool.

Emily: Welcome to Liverpool! How are you feeling tonight? Are you getting excited to be performing?

Callum: I’m not too bad, I’m starting to get a bit ill though which is annoying but yeah, I’m still excited to perform tonight. Sold out too, I think!  I love Liverpool so definitely cannot wait to perform.

Emily: So, you’ve been on tour for a while now, how long has it been? And what has been your favourite city so far?

Callum: Yeah, it’s been 10 shows so far, about halfway through the tour now. It’s hard to pick a favourite and its weird and always very surprising. Going to places I’ve never been before in my life like Tunbridge, Wales or Reading and turning up to loads of people waiting there for me. It’s almost a bit weird that you’ve never even been there yourself and there’s people there just for you. It’s pretty cool and it’s all been so great.

Emily: That must be an amazing feeling! You’ve recently released your new single ‘Echo’ which is great by the way. I was curious, what was the inspiration behind the song?

Callum: Thank you, I’m glad you like it! I kinda wrote it a long time ago to be fair and just wrote about the opposites in relationships really and how the old cliché of opposites attract is true. That’s about it really but yeah, it’s been there for a while so it’s great that it’s finally out.

Emily: Is there a chance of an album anytime soon?

Callum: Yeah there is. I’ve been writing away loads and when the tour’s finished I’ll be back to writing so yeah that’s the plan. It’s exciting!

Emily: I’m sure people ask you all the time if you get nervous when you are on stage but do you have any other weird fears?

Callum: Like in life? (laughs) I’m petrified of snakes like even if they’re on the telly. It’s the mouth. I’m a bit weird though, it’s gonna sound so weird… recently I’ve been watching videos on Instagram of snakes eating things. I saw one the other day and was like oh that’s my worst nightmare but then wanted to watch more. My brain was just messed.

Emily: What kind of music do you listen to yourself?

Callum: I do like anything, if a song is good, I will like it. It’s snobbery to say ‘I can’t listen to that song just because it’s by someone’. I’m gonna sound like a dad now, but it’s like One Direction. If they came out with a good song I’d listen. So yeah, I’m into any good songs.

Emily: What is your favourite song at the moment?

Callum: Great question, as an artist I really like Eves Karydas and she’s got this song called ‘Further than planes fly’ and it’s a jam, so I would say that’s my favourite song right now. (I promised I would give it a listen)

Emily: If you could perform with one other artist who would it be and why?

Callum: Umm probably Bonnie Raitt – my favourite artist of all time. It has to be her.

Emily: Where are you heading after Liverpool?

Callum: The next show is in Glasgow on Saturday night. Its always a bit rowdy there…I love it! I’m staying in Liverpool tonight and only got here at 3 which is annoying but I was here a few weeks ago and I loved it. We’ve actually played here a bunch of times. There’s something about Liverpool, there is so much going on. There’s all types of people like in the day time people have their rollers in ready to go out at night but it’s also quite cool and hipster.

Emily: Before you head on, what song are you most excited to perform tonight?

Callum: I don’t know, I always like doing the new ones. They always have the best energy but I also always like playing songs about myself.

Emily: Are you playing ‘One more night’, it has got to be my favourite one?

Callum: I’m not no and I always get told off by people for not doing it. It’s weird, we only get about an hour on stage and it seems like a lot but it’s really not. I feel bad now! Maybe I’ll play it, maybe I’ll just f***ing wing it.

Saint Raymond put on an amazing show which had the audience screaming so loud that he admitted they were the best crowd he had performed to so far in the tour. He rocked out with his band to his latest songs and then went solo, performing an intimate, acoustic version of Movie in my mind. The crowd recited each lyric of the song as he waited to hear them singing back and was overwhelmed by the support he received. Saint Raymond definitely gave Liverpool the performance they had been hoping for.

Buy his newest single ‘Echo’ here

Tickets to his tour are still available through this link

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