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An Interview With: Pizzagirl

I can safely say that Pizzagirl’s first headline gig at Sound Basement in Liverpool was my favourite gig of 2018! The gig was amazing and everything I expected and more. The venue was intimate and well staged, beneath a bustling bar serving great pizza…how appropriate! The setting was perfect and the turnout was great, with a variety of age groups all there to support a real up-and-comer who is undoubtedly set to reach incredible musical achievements. Playing his new guitar which he named Denise, synths and his laptop, Pizzagirl (aka Liam Brown) was full of energy, fun and hugely entertaining.

With support from the smooth and sexy sounding Brad stank, the evening was set perfectly. Brad stank and his band gave a great performance, showcasing a repertoire of sultry jazzy tunes, and is definitely worthy of a cheeky listen, you can find him on Spotify.

In the stairwell at Sound Basement we chatted with Pizzagirl about his music and much more!

Jess: Well done on the release of your Season 2 EP, how did you feel about releasing it?

Liam: I was excited, a bit nervous though because all the music from my first EP was from 2 years ago and this one is from the start of the year, so I was a bit nervous. But everyone’s received it really well though hopefully.

Jess: Which song on your latest EP are you most proud of if you had to pick one?

Liam: I like ‘Gymnasium’ because its a proper 80s movie ballad, could be in an exercise scene or something!

Ali: Tonight is your first ever headline show in your hometown of Liverpool, how are you feeling about it?

Liam: Pumped, a bit emotional, a bit perspirant! I’m wearing a top from Depop I got today, don’t know if its clean but I want to get it drenched tonight! My mums coming down, there wont be any food but it’ll be a good night i’m looking forward to it.

Jess: So Pizzagirl is a very interesting name how did that come about?

Liam: I just don’t like my name. Its Liam, Liam Brown, I just gave my full name like James Bond! But it was a really boring name that reminded me of like a singer songwriter folk performer. My mum when I told her [the name Pizzagirl] was like, ‘I hate this name, its terrible’, but I was like ‘it’ll grow on you one day!’ and now they all love it, and there’s t-shirts and bottle openers with it on now!

Ali: You have an exciting few days coming up playing in Nottingham, London, Bristol and Brighton what are you looking forward to most about it?

Liam: I know its going to be an intense few days, I’m going to have to make sure I’ve got the dry shampoo and deodorant ready! I think i’m looking forward to playing shows that people just wanna come down and see which is weird! I’m usually just the support so its nice to come down and rock shows being the tip of the top! I’m looking forward to playing London, seeing all my old friends, the people I’ve met through the years all coming down.

Jess: You’ve got quite a unique sound, especially in the music scene in Liverpool especially where there’s a lot of indie boy bands, so to stand out you’re doing really well there. Who or what would you say your influences are?

Liam: I like a lot of 80s film soundtracks, like the Dirty Dancing soundtrack is my favourite, and I like lift music, when its sort of smooth easy listening music. Talking Heads and interesting 80s production and stuff. Its definitely like a weird mix of 80s soundtrack, lift music and weird David Burn pop.

Ali: Awesome that’s a great combo! Is there a song from either EP that you like performing the most, or are looking forward to performing most?

Liam: I feel like ‘Coffee Shop’ seems to get people pumped because its a really annoying lick, and probably a song you don’t want to listen to after a while because it gets into your head too much! I like playing the ones where I can mess around a bit and be a bit free on the synths and stuff. Like ‘Seabirds’ I can go a bit mental on the synths.

Ali: If you could collaborate with anyone alive or dead who would you pick?

Liam: I feel like lately I’ve been into a Freddie Mercury, Bohemian Rhapsody world. So either Freddie Mercury or even Grimes. She would be such a cool producer to work with and get a bit funky in the studio with.

Jess: If you were an animal what animal would you be?

Liam: Ooh I don’t know you know. I’m definitely a bit of a sloth in my nature of laziness but I think i’m quite quick. I’m like a lazy quick dude, so what animal is that like a sloth-gazelle!

Ali: So final question! If you had to describe your music in three words to someone who hasn’t heard it yet what would you choose?

Liam: I’d say something like Computer Virus Pop. Like you get a proper bad virus, like I want my music to be like you don’t want to listen to it because you think you’ll get a bad virus. I don’t know how that’s endearing it sounds more serious then! My website looks like a virus its so badly done. I also think it could be Depop Jazz as well, that’s quite sexy, maybe I’ll make another project!

Ali: Thanks so much for chatting to us its going to be such a great night!

Pizzagirl delivered a mesmerising performance, full of energy, humour and funkiness!

If you haven’t heard any of Pizzagirl’s music please go and check him out you wont regret it! You can find him on Spotify HERE and on YouTube HERE!!!

You can also find all the info on Pizzagirl’s upcoming dates etc HERE, go a show some love!

Instagram and Twitter: @mypizzagirl

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