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An interview with Otherkin

In the midst of their album tour, I managed to catch up with Otherkin frontman Luke Reilly to pick his brains about touring Europe, influences, and the band’s fantastic debut album!

Jess: You’re back in Liverpool on the 11th December, are you excited? I remember you last played here in October!

Luke: We absolutely love Liverpool, we’d a great time with the Paris Youth Foundation boys who showed us a great night out on the town! We’re really stoked that we’re going to be playing the last UK date of our album tour in Liverpool. It’s gonna be a big party.

Jess: You’ve been touring pretty much nonstop since the end of September, what has been a highlight so far? What’s been your favourite place to play?

Luke: It’s been an absolute trip, playing in countries we’ve never toured before has been amazing, as a lot of these places such as Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania etc. were complete unknown territories for us. It was really amazing to see big crowds show up at these gigs, and see how passionate they were about Otherkin and music in general. We can’t wait to get back on the road, and keep the good vibes flowin’.

Jess: What’s your favourite song to perform live and why?

Luke: We all love to play Yeah, I Know, people always just seem to go absolutely nuts when we play it and it’s one of the most energetic and fun songs for us to play live.

Jess: Would you say you prefer the process of touring or recording?

Luke: They are definitely two very different animals with their own positive and negatives, but I think our live show gives the full Otherkin experience, so would have to say touring. Being out on the road with your best friends taking the party to the people is unbelievable, we are so grateful that we are able to do it.

Jess: You recently released your debut record ‘OK’ on the 29th September, how did it feel to finally put the album out?

Luke: Amazing, we were blown away with the reaction. We had taken so much time making sure we were 100% happy with it, and then sort of forgotten about it because of the time between recording and release. So it was a great feeling to finally have it out and let people get their ears around it!

Jess: How do you feel you’ve grown as a band since you first started out?

Luke: I think our confidence as musicians, both live and on the record, has really excelled. We’re not afraid to take risks, we just want to bring the Otherkin party around the world, and we don’t intend on stopping anytime soon.

Jess: As a band based in Dublin, how would you say Irish crowds compare to that in England, or even the rest of Europe?

Luke: They’re just as wild! Some of our craziest shows to date were our recent gigs in London, Amsterdam and Paris, they were absolute carnage. We love our Irish crowds too, we finish up our massive tour with a date in Dublin and Galway and we can’t even begin to think how mad they’re gonna be. The boys are back in town!

Jess: Who would you say your influences are?

Luke: We listen to anything and everything, some of our favourite bands would be bands like Blur or The Clash who were always conscious to reinvent themselves between albums. They also knew how to mix socially aware commentary with songs that absolutely banged, we’re all about that.

Jess: What bands/artists have you currently been listening to?

Luke: The main album that’s been seeing a lot of love in the van is the new Protomartyr album Relatives In Descent, what a stomper. We’ve also been listening to the new Queens album and a French band, we just played in France with a band called Equipe De Foot, they’re deadly.

Jess: Finally, if you were an animal, what animal would you be?

Luke: A sloth or a cat. 100%. They’re the ultimate animals of leisure and we feel passionately about leisure. Cats do whatever the f*** they want, whenever they want, how many humans can say that about themselves?

Catch Otherkin at Liverpool’s Studio 2 on 11th December. Tickets available here

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