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An interview with Oddity Road

Rachael: What’s it like to be so young and doing something that other people your age can’t imagine even dreaming of doing?

Oddity Road [OR]: It’s quite close to home really, and we were talking about this the other day about when we were at school. No one really understood why it was that we’d chosen to take this choice; like we’d come back home at 3am on a Wednesday morning while they’d be in school by 8am. It was the difference between going from school to the Albert Hall that was the first weird one, that was really surreal. We were coming out of geography and going straight to the Albert Hall to play… ridiculous! But in answer to your question, I think we’d all be bored if we did anything else, so it’s not like we’re trying to fill our time with something, we just do it. I never really think about what it would be like if we didn’t do this.

Rachael: At what point did you decide that the future was supposed to be with the band and not going to university or into a job?

OR: I guess we didn’t really start the band to carry it on or with a vision, we just started it because we had nothing better to do. At about February time we decided to start touring properly and it came into our heads that we didn’t really want to stop. Not even been that long really! [When did you tell uni that you weren’t going to go, Joel?] …the day before I was supposed to go!

Rachael: What did your parents think of it? Did they mind that you were focused on being in a band as your future?

OR: (Jack) Mine took some convincing… (Ethan) Mine loved it, they were straight in like ‘Go for it’! (Dan) I think it was something that we wanted to do so much that eventually they realised that it was what we wanted to do, and it wasn’t out of character. (Ethan) It’s not like there wasn’t any hope for us. Music has been our lives for years, and if we turned around and stopped it, that would concern them more so.

Rachael: As a band you have your own songs that are out, but what is your favourite song to perform live?

OR: It might not be one of the ones that are out now, we like a lot of the ones that we’ve written since we released the others that we think are our best work. There are a lot of songs that go off even though no one knows them… I can’t think of a song that doesn’t go off! Don’t Hold Me Down is our favourite, but again not many people know it. But it is catchy and people do end up singing along… when it comes out I reckon it’ll be good.

Rachael: You’ve been pretty busy over the past few months, tell me about what you’ve been up to!

OR: Well when we’re not on tour, we’re in the studio so it feels like it’s non-stop for us. So for other people to look at us and think ‘oh they’re just doing these dates’, it’s not like that… We have a gig, and then we’re at the studio until the next gig date, so we feel like we’re always on tour, always doing something for the band. Good fun though, yeah proper fun. Liverpool and Nottingham are our last two for this year, and then we’ve got some stuff planned for next year.

Rachael: What’s your favourite place to perform live? What city do you prefer?

OR: ¬†Manchester probably… And Liverpool!!

Rachael: What about festivals? You were at YNOT? festival, and me and a few friends saw you there, but the crowd was massive. Do you prefer performing to kind of massive crowd or a smaller one?

OR: They have different perks I think. Anyone would rather play to a larger audience, but when you play to larger audiences, the crowd is usually further away. We quite like it being sweaty and having the crowd in your faces. I’m pretty sure that when we’ve played at festivals before we can just see like the first 5 rows back, and then apart from people who are up on shoulders, it’s just like a massive sea of people and we’re like ‘woah!’ I wouldn’t turn either one down, a big crowd or a little intimate one… the tunes work in both situations so it’s good, yeah.

Rachael: The songs that you have out now, what are they influenced by?

OR: Foo Fighters. Definitely. Probably a bit of Kings of Leon, Radiohead, maybe a bit of The Killers as well? I think we draw influences from all over because we don’t like pigeonholing ourselves into something that other people have already done before. You sort of get influenced by everything you listen to without even really thinking about it, and we listen to every kind of music…We had some right rubbish on in the van… Howard Jones I think it was… So maybe we don’t draw influences from everywhere!

Rachael: So other than Howard Jones (!), who do you like listening to? Is your taste similar to your influences?

OR: Yeah, although I really love it when Queen is on… We like a big anthem sound. So people like Queen, Kings of Leon, U2, Coldplay… old Coldplay! Not a fan of the new stuff…

Rachael: You said earlier that some of the songs you like to play live are some that haven’t been released yet, so what are your plans for releasing stuff? What are your plans for the future?

OR: You know what, we can’t say! I’m trying to find a way to say it but I can’t! We’re not allowed to say but we’re sat on a lot. Like we said, we are in the studios every other day and we’re doing so many songs. We have like 4 or 5 different versions of the same songs, but honestly we’re not allowed to say! It is coming though don’t worry! And when it does come, it’ll make an impact. Hold tight.

Rachael: Okay last question, if you could be an animal, what would it be?

OR: Ahhh you’re joking! (Ethan) I’d be a sheep, because of my hair… or a poodle, something like that. (Joel) I’d have to be something big, like a massive bear. (Dan) I’d be like a bear or something actually, like a polar bear… or a badger. (Jack) I’d be a wildebeest. don’t know where that’s come from but that’s what I’d be.

Check out the video for Oddity Road‘s single You¬†below:

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