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An Interview With King No-One

In the backstage of Arts Club, and in the gap between supports, Jess and Selina caught up with the lads from King No-One before their headline slot in Liverpool to talk about touring, band names, and toads.

Jess: You played Studio 2 back in April, how does it feel to be back in Liverpool?

Zach: Bloody hell its great to be back in Liverpool, last time we did Studio 2 we sold 120 tickets and this time we’ve doubled it. Bigger venue and its nearly at that sell out point so we’re happy, big growth in a short amount of time.

Jess: You’re near the end of the tour with two more dates after this, how’s tour been?

Zach: Its all blurred into one and its been an experience. The things that we’ve done have made it an experience! We’ve all got really good at poker though.

Jess: What would you say is your favourite thing about playing a show?

Zach: Captivating the audience, turning an audience from a group of people that could just be a group of people in any place at any one time but the fact that there’s a group of people right there in front of you and you can completely turn them into one piece together with you, and make everything into one solidified moment and its something that everyone gets to take something away from. That for me is what fulfils me the most in life and that’s the reason why i love this so much.

Jess: Well yeah, it’s like everyone is bonding over a common interest of a band or artist!

Zach: Yeah, I’ve been to a lot of gigs growing up and they’re all sh*t but when people come to my gigs its not the same, it’s definitely a communal feeling, there is an atmosphere in the air. Not necessarily being created, it’s more about the audience are creating it themselves because there’s a warmth and really acceptance there. And i think that might be because of the way people interpret our music and the subject matters that we’ve covered.

Jess: Is there a worst thing about touring?

Zach: When you play a show that isn’t your audience and you have anchors in your set where you have to bring it down and because its not your audience you have people at the back that don’t give a sh*t and it can really take you out of the personal one to one situation. I’m trying to bleed my heart out to you but you don’t give a sh*t and it kind of hurts. On stage they don’t really realise that they don’t like it but we always speak to the hecklers. If there’s a heckler we always target them and talk to them because that stops them from being loud. They’re saying stuff the provoke you but if you target them, they feel really stupid and you have a laugh with them and they’re actually alright. What people don’t realise is that it bothers us and we take it for the rest of our set.

Jess: Do you have a favourite song to perform live?

James: Yeah i think this tour its been Antichrist for me, its just great, really impactful we do a little speech before hand and coming into it feels like the best moment of the set.

Alex: Defo Alcatraz for me, just a really good tune

Joe: For me its Halo because we usually get the crowd singing in and sometimes they sing it for us, just makes our job easier

Zach: For me its different every night, depends what my emotional state of that evening. Honestly depends how I’m feeling.

Jess: Well you’ve already released 4 singles this year, do you have any more plans, have a break and chill out or? 

Zach: Chill out is definitely what we’re not going to do, our work load is constantly increasing for the better. However its all secrets as you know.

Jess: If the band name King No-One had already been taken, what would you call yourselves?

Zach: It would take us ages to come up with that! To take the actual meaning of it, it would have to be something like Empire No but that’s just too cheesy! Like King No-One we thought was quite subtle because it obviously means no one is king. To get that same meaning with another name it would have to be really cheesy like No More Empires or No One Is King and literally take the literal sense of it, it would be awful. So we’d have to go for something completely different. Mum and Dad- I think that’s a great band name.

Jess: Do you have a dream collaboration with anybody?

James: We’ve had a few haven’t we, in the past. Wiley was a big one.

Zach: We could get Stormzy in. I reckon we would do a collaboration, but only with a grime artist or hip hop. But more dark hip hop than poppy hip pop.

Jess: If you could only listen to one band or artist for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?

Zach: I’d rather not to be honest. But Johnny Cash, actually, because he’s got lot in his discography.

James: Yeah I’d say Michael Jackson for the same reason, so many songs.

Zach: Oh or Prince!

Jess: Finally, If you were an animal what animal would you be?

James: We’ve had this before and we came out with some reasonable answers.

Joe:  We kind of compiled them all into one.

James: So we made a super animal!

Zach: Yeah because you were a frog!

James: Yeah unfortunately I somehow got a frog, take that as you will!

Joe: I was the eagle because I’m soaring high.

James: I don’t know what the actual reason was but I am a frog because when the situation isn’t great I’ll just hop to the next great situation and keep hopping along. It’s not the most attractive animal in the world but it’s a good one.

Zach: It is, people underrate the frog! But i actually see him more as a toad to be honest. Frogs are only that big but toads are big frogs, they’ve adapted to nature. They can do so much more than what a frog can. Some toads have thick skin where the predators teeth cannot go into them. Just think what toads turn into in Disney, he’s got that lovable face hasn’t he?

Alex: I’m a wolf!

Zach: Because he does impressions of wolves all the time.

Selina: Go on then!

*2 and a half minutes of persuading later and Alex finally did his wolf impression – something that I think changed everyones lives and most definelty made my day*

Jess: (to Zach) We still haven’t got your animal!

Zach: Monkey!

Alex, Joe and James: You’ll see the monkey tonight!!


King No-One’s latest single ‘Systematic’ is available to stream now on Spotify and Apple Music.


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