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An interview with JAWS

Ahead of their headline gig at The Magnet last month, our music editorial team caught up with frontman Connor (and later drummer Eddy) from Birmingham indie trio JAWS, to talk James Bond, Frank Ocean, and panda orgasms!

Chloe: How’s the tour been going so far?

Connor: Really good. Every show’s been a success, there’s been loads of people.

Chloe: What’s been your favourite place to play?

Connor: I think Cardiff was pretty mental, I hated the venue though, but the crowd was good. It was just a bit of a s**t place.

Chloe: Are you halfway through the tour now?

Connor: Yeah, this is the actual halfway point. We finish in Birmingham at The Institute, so that’ll be good.

Jess: It’s been a year since [sophomore album] Simplicity came out, what’s life been like since then?

Connor: It’s a really weird one, because from an outside perspective it looks like… the shows have got bigger and the festival slots have got better and stuff like that, but because we’ve all got real lives, it’s all been very spread out and all over the place, it’s never felt consistent. If you’re looking at the band from a social media point of view, it just looks like we’re just chilling, taking everything in our stride, and just comfortably smashing it, when really we’re doing our own thing and then it’s like ‘oh, we’ve got a gig this weekend’. It’s the biggest it’s ever been, but we’re also the most busy we’ve ever been with other stuff, so it’s been quite a weird year.

Chloe: What are your plans for next year?

Connor: Just writing, really. Hopefully get something new out at some point, no real plans yet, but we’re just gonna see how it goes.

Chloe: What’s your favourite song to play live?

Connor: I really like playing a song called The Invisible Sleep, because it’s just so different to all our other songs. It’s more like… it’s quite moody, and it’s a sound I wanna explore a bit more, so I think that’s why we always play it live now. We’re not gonna go really heavy and moody, but it’s an interesting spin on what we already sound like. I like to think we don’t really have ‘a sound’.

Jess: If you couldn’t name the band JAWS, what would you name it instead?

Connor: I’d call it… ooh I don’t know, there’s so many combinations of words!

Chloe: Where does the band name JAWS come from?

Connor: It’s just the guy from James Bond, the bad guy. But there was no real thought process behind it, it was just like ‘we need a name, this’ll do’. You can never get the perfect name.

Chloe: If you could swap places with someone else in the band, who would it be?

Connor: Huddy, who plays guitar for us, because then I wouldn’t have to sing. I dunno, I’d rather do one or the other than both, because there’s some songs where I just wanna play guitar, but I’ve got to sing as well.

Jess: If you could’ve written any song in the world, what song would it be?

Connor: Any Frank Ocean song. They’re just really good songs, really honest. I guess it’s not like his lyrics though, it’s how he delivers them. I dunno, I just like Frank Ocean! Hello Eddy, d’you wanna get in on this interview?

Chloe: What’s your favourite album to be released this year?

Eddy: I massively rate new Wolf Alice. They’re borderline geniuses.

Connor: They’re perfectionists, aren’t they, they take their time.

Eddy: Joff’s a wizard on guitar!

Connor: I’m gonna say King Krule, because that’s the cool thing to say! That’s why I like it, because it’s cool.

Chloe: If you could be an animal, which animal would you be?

Connor: Penguin!

Eddy: A panda, because they sleep like, 16 hours a day.

Connor: And they have orgasms that last for like three days! They just scream for three days.

Jess: How d’you know this?

Connor: I saw a weird Facebook video!

Eddy: You’re gonna get banned from Dudley Zoo!

Connor: Please don’t look at my Google search history!

Eddy: I’ve actually seen a panda, it was amazing, it was the best day of my life. This band comes nowhere to that day!

Connor: Yeah, Eddy’s a panda, I’m a little penguin.

Jess: Why?

Eddy: I think it’s cos I have a little teddy bear called Bobby, and he’s a panda.

Connor: I always used to have teddy bear penguins, because my dad when I was younger was in the Royal Air Force, and he went to the Falklands,  I think he went twice, and when he came back he always brought me a little penguin back. Not a real one, just a toy!

You can watch the video for JAWS’ single ‘Cast’ here, and follow them on Twitter here

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