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An Interview with: Harry Miller

Local musician Harry Miller has been playing the circuit of Liverpool venues for a while now, yet with his debut single release being at a glimpse in the distance, it seemed like the perfect time to catch up and find out more about his influences, writing process, and 2018 plans.

Jess: How would you describe your music?

Harry: Most of my music is quite melancholy, not your typical Ed Sheeran pop ballad- not that I don’t enjoy a bit of Ed now and then. I’ve been trying to write a few more up beat tunes recently and I think they’re quite good so far!

Jess: You’ve been playing a few gigs around Liverpool in places such as The Zanzibar and also supporting Childcare at Studio 2, how have these gone for you?

Harry: I’ve really enjoyed supporting artists going around on their UK tour! I last did it over a year ago in my old band so it’s good to get back to my old routine even if it is nerve-wrecking performing all my one tunes on my own!

Jess: What’s your favourite venue in Liverpool and why?

Harry: I think my favourite venue has to be Arts Club, I’ve had so many good memories playing there and seeing other great bands there such as The Night Cafe and Dec McKenna! However, I always used to love seeing gigs in The Magnet and it’s closed down without me having ever played there. It’s a shame really because it’s such a chilled venue and especially for an acoustic artist like myself I think it would’ve been a good show had I played there!

Jess: Do you have any plans musically for 2018?

Harry: I’ve just recorded in Parr Street in January and I’m waiting to release the first single (The 15th), it won’t be too long now! I’m releasing the second single on 17.06.18 so it’s all moving along well at the moment! I’m supporting Joseph J. Jones in Studio 2 on the 7th March which should be a boss gig! I’m also playing my first Festival (Soundcity) which I still can’t believe has happened.

Jess: What’s your process when writing music?

Harry: Mainly it just comes from messing around on piano or guitar and then I think of a chord sequence. I never usually think of the lyrics first, I always set the mood of the song then compliment it with suitable lyrics. I’ve wrote some of my favourite songs in well under an hour and some over the course of a few weeks. So, there’s no guide on how to do it. Just as long as I’m happy with the songs I write!

Jess: Who are your influences?

Harry: I was drip fed The Beatles ever since I could remember, and all the classic bands such as Queen and The Eagles were a massive part of my childhood. I guess since getting older and meeting new people through school I started to enjoy more branches of music. I would have never listened to the likes of Isaac Gracie, Dan Owen and Jake Bugg (who inspired me to start playing gigs solo) had it not been for certain people who came along. I enjoy a lot of indie music such as Declan McKenna, Blossoms, Peace etc which came with being at sixth form with people who encouraged me to listen to it. Even coming to uni I’m finding a new found love for the likes of Oasis and Kasabian, even Post Malone which I never thought I’d say. I’d say I have a pretty well rounded taste, all of whom inspire me to keep writing.

Jess: If you could tour with anyone who would it be and why?

Harry: It would have to be someone like Post Malone or Liam Gallagher… they’re both just fucking crazy and it’d be such a laugh to share a tour with them. At the same time though the inner child in me wishes I could have toured with The Beatles in the 60’s.

Jess: What’s your favoruite song to play live? 

Harry: My own personal favourite would have to be Scarlett, it’s a personal song to me and I’m really proud of it to be honest. It was hard for me to write and it’s hard to play live without evoking certain memories. Although I did enjoy playing Mardy Bum as a special thank you to my mate Reg for coming back to Liverpool to see me play.

Jess: Who are you currently listening to?

Harry: At the moment it’s a bit of everything, old favourites like The Beatles, Queen and Bowie. But also a bit of Post Malone, he’s an interesting person to listen to. I’m excited for 2018 though with new music from Arctic Monkeys and Blossoms. It should be a good year for music!

Jess: And finally! If you were an animal what animal would you be and why?

Harry: I’d be The Walrus to stop all the Eggmen from speculating!

Big thank you to Harry for the interview! You can find his Facebook page here

Catch Harry Miller supporting Joseph J. Jones at Studio 2 on 7th March, tickets are £6, view the Facebook event here

For Sound City tickets head to:

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