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An interview with Forrest

Before they played their set at Raise the Roof at Studio 2, we caught up with Forrest to find more about their music and their band!

Rachael: What’s the meaning behind the band name?

Adam: So the name came about when going to prinks one night. The band had been going for a month and we didn’t have a name. I liked the name ‘Forest’ but I was drunk and misspelled it with two R’s, and then Danny made the Facebook page with two R’s!

Conor: Because Danny doesn’t know how to spell! Danny was our spellchecker and he didn’t realise, so that’s how we ended up with two R’s.

Posh: I feel like I’ve learnt something.

Adam: Yeah we told Posh it was about Forrest Gump.

Rachael: That’s what I thought it was about!

Adam: No, it’s not, but to be honest we’re going to write a song called Run one day.

Rachael: Describe your style of music in your own words.

Adam: Adam’s Song by Blink-182. Or if Robert Smith from The Cure listened to American Football and also couldn’t play any instruments: that would be our sound.

Posh: I genuinely think it is The Cure but without the synth.

Adam: And with Danny.

Rachael: What’s your favourite song or lyric you’ve ever written?

Danny: I like the passion behind all of Adam’s lyrics.

Posh: It’s the lyric you (Adam) says just before the second chorus in ‘I Hate You Too, Electric Boogaloo’

Danny: ‘I envy all the other boys, Why can’t you be mine’

Adam: Ah that’s from ‘Joan of Arc’ mate!

Conor: My favourite moment is in the first song of the set when we go from playing slowly to playing double time, and Posh comes in with a nice drum roll and the set begins properly!

Posh: I genuinely love this lyric, I just love it: ‘Why’s it so insincere to tell you that I’m doing fine, when I’m not’

Conor: Ohh that’s a deep line! It’s a good one!

Adam: That’s also my favourite.

Rachael: What’s your favourite memory as a band?

Conor: Posh took about 3 or 4 months to appear in the band, but originaly it was just me, Adam, and Danny. And my favourite moment, not at the time because it was really awkward, but in hindsight, I loved it when me, Adam and Danny all sat in a room first the first time. I didn’t say a word to Danny because I’d never met him before and we just played some The Smiths songs and Adam talked a little bit, but we just sat in silence. And then we went home!

Adam: It was the most emo thing I’ve ever seen.

Conor: But looking back at it now, it was so funny!

Adam: Posh had a house party once and Conor wasn’t there, but me, Danny, and Jonny from SPINN…

Posh: Was this Bedroom Glastonbury?

Adam: Yeah! We were all came down in a pair of Posh’s shorts and we pretended to take album cover photos, we took some horrible ones.

Posh: Also context! When Glastonbury is on, I like celebrating it because I can never go because I can’t get tickets. So I do my own thing and listen to every band in order of who I’d like to see at the festival, and last year I decided to invite people round thinking 4 people would turn up, but it was packed.

Danny: Probably one of our favourite days of the year.

Posh: It turned into a proper party. It was 6 in the morning and we’re stil there watching Glastonbury.

Adam: I didn’t sleep. I was on antibiotics and drank 4 bottles of Dr Pepper and 1 beer, I was off my head.

Rachael: Where’s your favourite place to perform?

Adam: Studio 2!

Conor: Well it’s the place we’ve played the most!

Adam: I just like the big window.

Conor: The O2’s alright, but it’s a bit stressful because that was our first gig and we didn’t know what was happening.

Posh: I didn’t really like it at all because I couldn’t see anything because of the lighting.

Conor: The best sound we’ve ever had was at The Magnet and we could actually hear ourselves sing!

Danny: RIP The Magnet forever in our hearts.

Rachael: What’s your biggest achievement so far?

Adam: We finally booked some studio time to record a single in a couple of weeks, and then just having a set that we all enjoy. Our friendship is our biggest achievement, we’ve all come together so much.

Posh: Yeah because we didn’t all know each other beforehand.

Conor: Adam’s the only one we all knew individually and he brought us together!

Rachael: Any dreams for the future of the band?

Conor: To sell millions of records and retire at the age of 23!

Posh: I thought you’d say arenas?!

Conor: No I wouldn’t want to play arenas.

Adam: Maybe if we were playing as ACDC. But we mostly just wanna keep on doing what we’re doing.

Posh: I just want to keep enjoying it!

Adam: Yeah exactly, we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t do it for enjoyment. We’d love to play at Glastonbury but maybe not a big stage, like the Pyramid Stage, more of a sweaty tent.

Conor: Yeah, but as long as we’re playing, writing and releasing stuff that we like then I’m happy. Dream big!

Rachael: What are your guilty pleasure songs?

Posh: I actually don’t have any!

Conor: I don’t feel guilty about it, but I just love my 70’s pop, I’m all up for ABBA!

Adam: Mysterious Girl’ definiety.

Danny:Never Forget You’ by Noisettes!

Adam: In the End’ by Linkin Park.

Rachael: What’s one thing on your bucket list as a band?

Danny: To get a single out!

Adam: That we should be able to tick off soon. Or get matching tattoos?

You can read the full review of Raise The Roof here

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Forrest next play Arts Club on 6th of April supporting SPINN. Tickets have now sold out.

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