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An Interview with Cures and Curses

Cures and Curses are a rising alternative-rock duo from Liverpool consisting of Aaron Akpojaro and David Blackburne. They recently released their debut single ‘Fall Apart, Crash Together’, and have their sights set on 2018 with their upcoming EP.

Alex: Cures and Curses is an interesting name, where did it come from?

Aaron: It’s actually a name I had from way before this band existed. It must have been a few years ago and I honestly can’t say where the inspiration came from, it must have been that words were similar and they sound cool together!

Alex: Fair enough! So how would you best describe your sound?

David: I think we’re still solidifying our sound as we’ve only just released our first single. I’d say with that song and with the direction we’re trying to go for, we’re aiming for a pretty heavy but ambient sound.

Aaron: I think broadly I’d call it alternative rock, but we’ve got an entire record we’re working on which is quite varied. There’s pop influences there and some electronic stuff but I think alternative rock is the banner it falls under. I think you should definitely listen to the record to gain your own interpretation of it.

Alex: That sounds promising, what would you say your main influences are?

Aaron: Personally, my main influences are bands like Fall Out Boy and Paramore. I like those sorts of bands because, not just about their music, but they think about music in a different way. For example with Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz has said he doesn’t want rock and roll to be something you have to go to a museum to see, it should always be pushed forward. That’s the mentality I want to have with this band. There’s more to us than just two guys with guitars.

David: I enjoy those same bands, but Aaron’s probably got that side covered. I tend to create a lot of dance stuff, with quite an electronic vibe. So I guess my goal is to bring more of that influence to the future songs.

Alex: So, do you think you’re using your background as a DJ there?

David: Yeah a little bit! Electronic styles is what I’ve always been interested in, so it’d be great to maybe get more of a fusion between that sort of thing and alternative-rock in the future.

Alex: How did you guys meet and what made you decide to start making music together?

Aaron: I can’t really remember how I met David, not going to lie!

David: I think we sort of gradually got to know each other, but we became friends sort of towards the end of last year.

Aaron: I wrote our song Fall Apart, Crash Together a while before the band was a thing, but I wanted to write a bunch of songs and bring them to David and suggest we start a band together. But I got excited and was drunk at 1am so I sent David what is now our first track before saying “we should totally start a band together!” That was back in January of this year, so it’s taken a while but it’s coming together now.

Alex: How would you describe each of your roles in the duo? When it comes to instruments and song writing?

Aaron: We both play a bunch of instruments, I sing and play guitar and bass. Dave plays guitar and keys, and we also both do programming and stuff as well. That’s not so much on the record at the moment but I assume in the future there’ll be more of that. I tend to do most of the writing, but sometimes I struggle getting it to sound like how it is in my head, and Dave often knows how to get it to the point I want. It’s a good working relationship.

David: I think also with modern music, synths are often programmed into songs, which is what I like to do. I really enjoy the producing side of it.

Alex: Your first song, Fall Apart, Crash Together, is really great! What was the song writing process behind that?

Aaron: Thanks a lot! The actual idea behind the title is really old now. I either spend ages working on one particular song or idea for weeks or months, or I sit down for 6 hours and smash it out. This is definitely one where I smashed it out, with that little riff at the start being the first bit and everything coming from there. It was quite a natural process really.

Alex: You’ve got an upcoming EP in 2018, can you tell us when it might be out?

David: I think it’ll take us as long as it takes us! I think we’re working quicker now and we’re aiming to release another song before the end of the year.

Aaron: I wanna say January for the EP release. But yeah we’ll see how it goes.

Alex: So, you’ve got the songs written already?

Aaron: A lot of the instruments are already tracked.

David: We just want to take the time to make them properly. There’s quite a lot to do but we want to make it sound really good and professional, which I think will help us stand out. I’d much rather spend ages on a song and be happy with it rather than put it out too quickly.

Alex: So does the EP have a name yet?

Aaron: Yeah it does, I don’t think we’re quite ready to announce that yet though.

Alex: Sounds good! Have you got any plans for gigs?

David: Well we haven’t got a live band yet so no. I’m definitely looking forward to it though. The songs on the record are well suited because they’re pretty buzzy, I’m hyped.

Aaron: Yeah, we’ll probably be performing more live once the record’s out. Once we get a live band together we’ll set, so if you know anyone…

Alex: What do you think will set you apart from other new bands?

David: In my mind what’s going to set us apart is our style. Having electronic styles incorporated in it, and our production reflects that. I know our style can project an indie vibe but I think we’re aiming for a more popular, electronic, well-produced sound.

Aaron: I think also we have a focused plan on how we want to project ourselves, and we’re passionate about what we’re doing.

Check out Cures and Curses’ music video for Fall Apart, Crash Together at the link below:

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