Olivia Matthews

An Interview with Clean Cut Kid

Olivia: Hi guys, so we just wanted to know, how is the tour going so far?

Evelyn: It’s all good!

Ross: It’s nearly over, many left is it? two? four?

Evelyn: We’ve got Dublin and Belfast and left and Glasgow, yeah!

Chloe: So what’s been your favourite place that you’ve played?

Evelyn: Erm, Scala (London) was pretty good.

Saul: Manchester was pretty good as well.

Olivia: Yay I’m from Manchester! Manchester’s always good!

Evelyn: Aw, Manchester was boss! It was just like the crowd were, they felt like a home crowd, they were just well up for it, going crazy, massive, like it was so loud. So good.

Olivia: This is your biggest headline gig in Liverpool, how do you feel about it?

Mike: Great!

Evelyn: Yeah, awesome!

Saul: They’re always so good aren’t they?

Evelyn: Always so good, for me, the more people, the more exciting it is. It sounds cheesy but there’s just more energy in a room the more people you add. If it’s a home town show as well you’ve already got a buzz in the air so just adding like 1000 people it’s gonna be mad.

Mike: It was kinda tough at the start wasn’t it? to get used to the more people thing, because when you first cross over to like not being able to actually look into the people’s eyes and it just becomes like a sea of faces, it’s a bit like oh s**t, how can we communicate with the crowd now?

Evelyn: But now it’s so much fun like we did Alexandra Palace the other day and that was 10,000 and that was just like a sea of people, but it was so good! You just vibe off it don’t you?

Chloe: What’s your favourite place to play in Liverpool?

Evelyn: Erm, we’ve not played that many! We’ve only done like Shipping (Forecast).

Mike: We’ve played the Echo Arena!

Evelyn: Oh yeah we’ve played there. We’ve also played The Arts Club that was good!

Mike: We’ve got one coming up soon on a big stage outside St George’s Hall at the bottom of this road for Hope and Glory Festival and that’s got like an old school 90s line up for it.

Olivia: What do you think the reactions been like to the album and what’s your favourite song from it?

Saul: 4 stars in Q! (Magazine)

Mike: We’ve been shocked. Like we obviously like it and we took a lot of time making it, but the reactions been crazy and people get the band. At the start when we started releasing singles, people really weren’t getting what we were trying to do. ‘Cause we’re trying to be like a Rock ‘n Roll band but in the old sense so we’re trying to kind of like a Fleetwood Mac, but if people can’t put you in like a ‘pop’ box then they’re like ‘Oh what is this cr*p’. I think with the album people have started to get it now

Evelyn: I think my favourite song is Felt off the album.

Mike: I’d say Evelyn is my favourite one.

Saul: I’d say Felt or Time To Let You Go.

Ross: I can’t pick!

Evelyn: It’s like picking a favourite child.

Chloe: You toured with the Kooks how was that?  I saw you then, it was amazing!

Evelyn: Oh did you?! Which venue?

Mike: Manchester was it?

Chloe: I think it was the Manchester one, yeah.

Evelyn: It was so good, it was just great. Their crowds, we didn’t expect them to be as young as they were because they’ve been going for so long we thought their fans would have grown up with them but it must be that they’ve got like a really timeless sound because as we saw, there were some in the crowd that were aged like 15/16. It was really fun though, they were really nice lads. They brought a bottle of Tequila to our dressing room on our first night and said like ‘Welcome to the tour!’. Properly, like, made an effort to be nice,

Chloe: So what have you got planned after the tour then?

Evelyn: We have got quite a quiet June in terms of gigs and we’ve got a couple of festivals that crop up but there will be like lots of writing, lots of demoing. Mike’s actually started demoing writing the next album.

Saul: We’ve got a Dublin gig, a Belfast gig and we’re doing some TV in Glasgow, our first TV thing.

Olivia: Are you doing any festivals?

Evelyn: Yeah, we’ve got about 15 booked so far. We did like 32 last summer so we’re thinking of doing slightly less

Ross: We haven’t checked in about 3 months and there was 15 then so yeah, could be 30 now!

Mike: Yeah I reckon it will wind up being about 25, which would be cool for us because it means we kinda have a bit more time to do some stuff on the next record

Evelyn: We’re doing like Field View (Festival), YNOT (Festival), Barn on the Farm, Secret Garden Party, Hope and Glory, TRNSMT, Bestival

Ross: Enough

Evelyn: Yeah, enough

Chloe: We’ve got a couple of questions that we ask everyone that we interview, they’re a bit stupid, but let’s just go with it!

Mike: We like them ones!

Chloe: What’s your favourite flavour of crisps?

(Evelyn is currently eating a bag of sensations)

Evelyn: AH! Sensations! I would argue that they are the best crisps ever made.

Ross: Prawn cocktail.

Evelyn: Really?! I didn’t know that.

Chloe: That’s controversial!

Evelyn: Saul doesn’t like crisps he’s not a big fan. Mike what’s your favourite? Oh you like Roysters don’t you?

Mike: I like those beef Roysters things, but you can’t often get them they’re quite niche aren’t they

Ross: Skips

Olivia: So prawn cocktail again?

Ross: Prawn flavoured Discos!

Chloe: And also, if you could be an animal, what animal would you all be? This is easier than any other interview we’ve done because you’re all here. Before people are like I’m going to say someone is a pig, and they’re not a pig

Mike: I’d be some kind of bird, like so if you got to choose an animal you really wouldn’t choose a bird? You can fly! I’d like to be an owl or something maybe.

Ross: Yeah because you’re always up at night.

Mike: And I wouldn’t have to see anyone or talk to anyone.

Evelyn: I’d be something massive like a giraffe, I’d love to be that tall and eat trees all day.

Ross: I’d probably be a dog, man’s best friend.

Evelyn: You would get all the love though wouldn’t you!

Ross: Actually, a wild dog.

Saul: I’d be a sperm whale!

(Saul goes on to tell us some information and a few facts about sperm whales!)

Saul: Just so you know!

Olivia: Wow, well that’s all of our questions, thanks guys!

Ross: No worries, I bet those are some of the best answers you’ve ever had!  


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