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An Interview with Brooke Bentham

Music Editor Jess caught up with singer-songwriter Brooke Bentham ahead of her support slot with Nashville’s own Soccer Mommy to talk about about everything from changing styles to current influences. 

Jess: Your tour across UK and EU supporting Soccer Mommy kicks off soon! Are you looking forward to it?

Brooke: Yeah it started last night. It’s really exciting to be on tour with a band I genuinely love and it’s gonna be such a joy to watch them every night.

Jess: Is it true you have new material on the way? What can we expect from it?

Brooke: It IS true. Expect more guitars and kind of a new sound!

Jess: How would you say your music has changed from early releases such as Oliver, and We’ll Be Ghosts, to now?

Brooke: I think what I’m making now is what I’ve always wanted to make, it’s just been a long time getting here. I really hate We’ll Be Ghosts and that sound. Oliver I feel more partial to because of the lyrics and the personal ties I have with it.

Jess: Have you got a favourite city or venue to play?

Brooke: I don’t to be honest. I like playing Newcastle and London because I know what I can do before and after the gig and it feels familiar. I think once I’ve done some more touring I could maybe pinpoint a more specific city. As a venue though, I love the cluny in Newcastle. I also played Union Chapel last year which was ridiculous. That’s a really nice venue.

Jess: How’s your summer been? You’ve been playing a few festivals, what have your highlights been?

Brooke: This year I did Great Escape, Hit The North, Timber etc. It was nice just doing a few festivals because I got to go to Switzerland for the first time to play Mittsommer Festival. That was amazing. I also got to play in Utrecht. So it’s been a really good summer for travelling.

Jess: Which do you prefer, Festivals or gigs, and why?

Brooke: I prefer gigs because they’re more intimate. Something about festival crowds makes me feel really distant and I tend to zone out a little more.

Jess: Who are your musical influences?

Brooke: My musical influences are bands like Mazzy Star, Yo La Tengo, Angel Olsen and Mitski.

Jess: What bands/artists are you current listening to?

Brooke: I’m currently listening to a lot of Pavement.

Jess: If you could be any animal, what animal would you be?

Brooke: It’d probably change but today I’d be a lion. They just do not have to give a f**k do they? Just sit around and be majestic. Except in zoos. Down with zoos in my opinion.

You can catch Brooke supporting Soccer Mommy at The Shipping Forecast in Liverpool this Friday– tickets available here

Brooke‘s latest single ‘Out of My Mind’ is available to stream below:

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