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An Interview with Blaenavon

Ahead of what I can only describe as one of my favourite gigs of all time, me and Chloe caught up with indie dreamboats Blaenavon in the cramped attic room backstage of the Arts Club. Here we talked about touring, their phenomenal debut album, That’s Your Lot, and so much more!

Jess: How’s tour been so far?

Ben: It’s been absolutely fantastic, thank you for asking. We’ve supported loads of bands and we’ve seen everyone singing all the songs all the time with Sundara and that, and now its kind of our turn so it feels pretty sick. Like playing in the same venues we’ve supported people in and selling them out and everyone screaming its great.

Chloe: Whats been your favourite place to play?

Harris: Oh definitely Liverpool!

Ben: We haven’t played it yet!

Harris: Yeah that was the joke.

Jess: Have you had a highlight of this tour?

Ben: Now I look back on our London show, at the time I was a bit stressed out because of loads of family and friends and that, but now I look back on it it was pretty remarkable really, because I remember when we started touring as a band again properly we played in The Waiting Room in London to 80 people and that was only 2 years ago.

Harris: I was stoked about that.

Ben: We were like ‘oh we sold out 80 tickets that’s sick!’ And now I don’t know it was just massive.

Jess: I saw all the photos, it looked great!

Ben: Really colourful pictures aren’t they, some nice haircuts, especially Alex she has nice pink hair in that photo.

Chloe: You’re touring with The Wombats, are you excited?

Harris: Yeah! A Liverpool band!

Ben: Yeah, it’s going to be wicked, we just met our new US tour guy whose going to be taking us out there, he was in Liverpool for the day, he’s really excited.

Harris: And Rich got that song in our head about Salt Lake City in our heads as well. Its like the worst song but as soon as you hear it it’ll be in your head, and whenever anyone mentions the city.

Ben: But we are going to Salt Lake City and apparently its weird but we’re indeed very excited…to go to Salt Lake City and all other cities. To be honest I’ve never seen The Wombats as well so that’ll be cool.

Frank: I’ve seen them in Liverpool in quite a small venue in 2015.

Jess: You released your album That’s Your Lot in April, how was it? Did you like releasing it…

Ben: Yeah I liked releasing it, Yeah it was sick. The day it comes out, its like your whole life is building up to this and you’re like ‘It comes out today!’ and everyone’s like ‘Wow I love it!’ but you only really notice when, on this tour really, when everyone is singing every word to every song, like the ones that are track 8 that you expect people not to know, i don’t even know what track 8 is… But everyone knows the words to all the obscure ones and I feel like people really connected with it and it feels very good.

Chloe: What would you say is your favourite song off it?

Ben: I keep saying Lonely Side and I’m going to say Lonely Side again at the moment, and its probably because of the way people are responding to it, but its just a big old classy tune isn’t it?

Jess: Yeah it is, its a bop!

Ben: It is a bop! Because a lot of our songs are like *imitates a heavy guitar* and its nice to have one that’s just like ‘yeaaaaah’.

Jess: You also released the Prague EP in August, why did you feel it was important to release some more music so soon.

Ben: Well these days its pretty nice to keep the ball rolling. People were excited by what we were doing so theres no point in disappearing for a year to try and be cool when you can just keep going because we can record stuff at home. We made the rest of that EP in Frank’s bedroom and my house, so its just free and easy, everyone got really exited by The Monte Carlo Kid and now its one of the best ones live.

Jess: It is! That’s another bop.

Ben: It is, its good to have something new for the people and the tour as well. Just want to keep constantly releasing music for as long as we can.

Chloe: Its annoying when people just disappear.

Harris: We did that until we were ready to keep it up.

Chloe: What are your plans for the next year then?

Ben: So everything’s pretty much blocked out now until January, so we have the Sundara tour in Europe after this, January with The Wombats. February, March, April we’ve got a lot of time to ourselves to work on the next record, then get some new s*** down. See whats happening and then I think we’re gonna try and do some festivals and city festivals and that. And then hopefully come back to Liverpool and do another UK Tour at some point but I can’t confirm anything yet, but that’s what I want to do.

Jess: Who are you currently listening to?

Ben: Its always such a hard question, what did I listen to in the van. Today I listened to that King Krule album again which is really really good,

Frank: I listened to a Beck song which I really liked, can’t remember the name of it.

Harris: I was listening to Judy Sill.

Ben: And after King Krule’s album ended, I listened to Melodrama by Lorde again

Chloe: I think she’s younger than us? 

Ben: Yeah, that is freaky….Cool! A song by Beck?

Frank: Lost Cause, by Beck.

Chloe: If you could’ve written any song by anyone, what would it be?

Ben: Haha, we’ve had this question and I said Jaws, like duhhhh nah.

Harris: I’ll give a serious answer this time.

Ben: Boring. The Simpsons theme tune.

Harris: A song called The Kiss by Judy Sill. Saw our friend play it on his own on guitar when we played one of our first headline Manchester shows and I was like ‘That’s a really good song!’ and then the actual full version that she did is one of the most insane compositions that I’ve ever heard, so that’s the one.

Chloe: The last question that we ask everybody that we interview. If you could be an animal, what animal would you be?

Harris: Probably a Wombat so i could dance to Joy Division.

Jess: Well you are back in Liverpool.

Harris: When I’m in Liverpool yeah. Properly sound like it when you say that line for me as well, ‘I’m back in Liverpool’, *In a v strong scouse accent*.

Frank: I’d probably say a swarm of locusts, would you allow me to be a swarm or do i have to be just one lotus?

Ben: Can I be one locust?

Jess: So you’re a singular locust, and you’re a swarm, and you’re a wombat?

Ben: What a thing to end on!




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