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An Interview with: Black Honey

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Prior to their pitstop at Jacaranda Phase OneI spoke to Black Honey’s effortlessly cool front woman Izzy, in the haven of Be At One’s beer garden, on the interweaving of music and cinema, and what to expect from their UK headline tour.

Charity: Welcome back to Liverpool Izzy, congratulations on the release of your debut album! How are you doing? What have the band been up to ?

IzzyI’m really good thanks, we just came from Manchester today, we played the HMV, we’ve been on an in-store tour all week, it’s been really different and really fun, like pulled back sets and stuff where it’s been a bit more intimate, so that’s been really cool!

Charity: So, I caught you at Sound City this year, awesome set! How did you find it?

Izzy: Sound City was f**king awesome! We have such a good relationship here with Liverpool, everybody here’s really decent and we just love coming back here every time, it’s got that beautiful undercurrent of culture and we’re huge Beatles fans, so that’s always good!

Charity: I’m intrigued, where does thename Black Honey come from?

Izzy: It’s a bittersweet light dark thing, it’s like a contrast of things I find beautiful and that’s how I saw Black Honey!

Charity: So in your music videos, they often seem heavily inspired by Americana, the Baz Luhrmann, Twin Peaks sort of aesthetic, and your lyrics often include references to movies like True Romance. What is it about that sort of culture that inspires you?

Izzy: I love films because, making life feel cinematic is the goal through our songs. I didn’t really like films that much until I discovered those sort of directors and a bit more cult movies and stuff, and it really inspired me in the sort of iconic Hollywood romances, with things that are a bit twisted.

Charity: You’re about to embark on your UK headline tour, which is exciting, what can we expect from that?

Izzy: Oh, the tour’s gonna be nuts, we are definitely going to be like investing more into the stage show and the productions are getting a bit bigger and the venues are getting a bit bigger for us, so that’s really cool and the fans are usually great, screaming, crazy, crowd surfing.

Charity: I always find intimate venues, have the best atmosphere. You’re playing The Jacaranda Phase One tonight, which is a bit of a smaller venue to what you’re to be playing later this year. How important do you feel that smaller venues are to the music scene ?

Izzy: They’re so important because every band comes up through small venues, it’s hard when you see themshutting down and stuff, like I find it really heartbreaking to see! If you ask any massive band, they’ll have played in every single venue. Every tour that every band does it’s roughly the same thing, there is no one that is exempt from that world.

Charity: You’re touring your eponymous debut album, so for everyone that hasn’t listened to it, what can they expect from it?

Izzy: So our self- titled debut album is like Tarantino rock and roll, pop music, with everything, like it’s gotta a mad symphony orchestra, it’s heartbreak, it’s ballads! It’s about as up and down as the change in climate.

Charity: Was there anything in particular that inspired you when writing it?

Izzy: Sound wise I’m really inspired by film, so obviously Blue Romance’ was inspired by True Romance and there’s like a few others, like What Happened To You’, I love the Beastie Boys drum tone, so I really wanted to recreate that. In Wasting Time’, the last track of the album, we actually put samples of crows so it would be like an Alfred Hitchcock movie, which I quite liked. So there’s lots of little things to make it feel a little bit more cinematic.

Charity: Finally, what can we expect to see from Black Honey in the coming year?

Izzy: So the rest of this year we’re finishing this in-store tour, our debut album is out now, everywhere, which we’re so so stoked about! Then yeah we go on our headline tour, where there’s loads of surprises coming up, like all I’m gonna say is there are more support slots in the pipes! Then next year we’re heading on our World Tour, which is super exciting.

Check out the video for Midnight below:

Buy tickets for Black Honey’s Manchester show here.

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