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An Interview with Annabel Pattinson



Ellipsis hopped down to Liverpool Guild of Students to interview Annabel Pattinson, the most recent musician to grace the Liverpool stop of the Coffee House Tour.

Jess for Ellipsis: You’ve already been doing the Coffee House Sessions for over a week now, how would you say it’s gone so far? Have you enjoyed it?

Annabel: Yeah I have! It’s quite hectic, because you’ve got to get from one place to another place in a couple of hours, but it’s really fun.

Jess: Have there been any favourites among the places you’ve been so far?

Annabel: I really enjoyed Essex, and I’ve really enjoyed Liverpool, not just saying that.

Jess: That’s really good! How long have you been performing?

Annabel: Years now! My dad taught me how to play when I was about 12 – guitar. And then I got into writing music and when I left school I just thought I want to do it full time!

Jess: I heard you play a few covers when you were out there – would you say you prefer playing covers or your original music, or is it both?

Annabel: A bit of both really. Obviously you need to do a mix because people don’t know your original material if you’re playing new places. I love writing and I love playing my own material, but I love doing covers because it sounds a bit different to how the original sounds.

Jess: Yeah, you can put your own twist on it and make it your own. The song you played at the end, ‘Psycho Bitch’ , that’s really good – that’s your own original song isn’t it?

Annabel: Yeah it is, we’ve just finished doing the music video in London last weekend and that’s going to be released on Spotify and iTunes probably at the end of this year/beginning of next. So that’s exciting.

Jess: Wow I bet you’re happy about that, what was the inspiration behind the song?

Annabel: You can probably tell but yeah it’s just about girls going crazy over men really; it’s quite a relatable song.

Jess: So who would you say is your musical inspiration?

Annabel: I love pop music, I love indie music, like I love Arctic Monkeys. I love a bit of everything- I love Katy Perry’s first album; her first ever album was really sarcastic and dry so like ‘One of The Boys’, ‘Wish You Were the Worst’ and all that didn’t actually make the album. That came out when I was living school and focusing on writing and I found it really helpful because I just thought ‘yeah I want to write like that.’

Jess: If you were in charge of a festival, who would you put on the line up?

Annabel: Ooooh that’s a hard one!

Jess: Along with yourself of course!

Annabel: Yeah I’d be headlining! I’d have, if I could put them back together, the band One Night Only. I’d have Ben Howard, Evanescence, No Doubt – before Gwen left.

Jess: Ah I’d love that! No Doubt was great when Gwen was in it, such a good band. Not enough people appreciate No Doubt.

Annabel: I know!

Jess: If you could work with any artist or producer, who would your dream collaboration be? 

Annabel: Love Ed Sheeran. Ed Sheeran is great. I saw him in Liverpool which I think was actually the night he got signed so he wasn’t even signed. I was only about 16, like all of his songs, his demo songs before his albums.

Jess: Yeah I loved all his EPs, like ‘Songs I Wrote With Amy’ etc.

Annabel: I think he went a bit commercial recently,  but his old stuff – I would definitely collaborate with him then.

Jess: So if you had to listen to only one band or artist for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Annabel: I think it would have to be Katy Perry. I couldn’t get bored of her sarcasm.

Jess: And finally can you describe your music in one word or phrase?

Annabel: Sarcastic indie pop

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