Actions Speak Louder: An Interview

Having recently released their debut EP, Actions Speak Louder are one of the latest in a wave of up-and-coming acts currently making their mark on the rock music scene. With a sound comparable to that of bands such as Crown The Empire and I See Stars, they seem firmly rooted in the post-hardcore genre, but their material is by no means restrictive. Every song is carefully considered, every influence carefully woven in. ASL are a band who aren’t afraid to write from deeply personal angles, something clearly showcased in their EP. There seems to be a story or extended meaning attached to almost every track. Ellipsis caught up with the Orlando quintet to find out more about the experiences that inspired their writing, and the influences that shaped their sound.

Ellipsis: You released your debut EP, Self-Discovery, back in 2014. Is the record mainly about, as the title suggests, gaining a better understanding of yourself as a person?

Actions Speak Louder: Mainly, yes. The sixth track, The Beauty Before the Beast, was the first song written and wasn’t planned for being on an EP. However, after Self-Discovery was recorded, it was decided that the song should be on there too. The other five songs are a representation of Byron’s sense of discovering himself. He decided that in his pursuit of making a career in music, he didn’t want to let the industry change him, so in order to not change, he determined he must first discover who he won’t be changing from. This idea could apply to many. The first song is about the dark/angry part of ourselves that we must first confront and admit is present, but that we must keep contained and try to overcome. The second song is about how important dreams are to us, and how we must never give up on them. The third is about the importance of being true to ourselves and not letting others influence/define who we are, because only we get to decide how we impact the world. The fourth is about love, and choosing passion over self-preservation, because there’s a difference between living and existing. Finally, the fifth song is about what it all comes down to… deciding whether you want to help the world, or hurt it. These are the five topics he felt most strongly about.

Ellipsis: The sixth song on your EP, The Beauty Before The Beast, seems to be about preconceptions, and seeing past the surface. What inspired this song?

ASL: This was the first song I ever recorded and planned on using as my demo as a vocalist to get my sound and writing style out there, so I decided to make it a story so I could encompass multiple ideas and emotions into one song. I don’t see myself as the beast, he was simply a character I created and spoke from his point of view. I believe looking past the surface is of dire importance, but is unfortunately becoming a rare concept these days. Lyrically it is my favourite song that I’ve written so far, except for another story-based song I wrote for our next record which will be a full length album.

Ellipsis: What’s your favourite song to play live? 

Byron: Come At Me, Bro!
David: The War Between Love and Hate
Gage: On the Edge of Tomorrow
Danny: The War Between Love and Hate
Jon: White Whale

Ellipsis: What’s the best gig you’ve ever played?

Byron: For me, it would be our last show in Tampa. It’s the biggest stage we’ve gotten to perform on, so we got to move around a lot and we also got to speak with a gentleman from Sumerian Records who gave us some very useful tips.
David: My favourite gig we’ve had was when we opened for Tours From The Crypt for Famous Last Words at Backbooth in Orlando. While we did have a lot of technical difficulties that day, we had the best crowd response, and seeing the crowd move and have fun keeps me fuelled, and keeps me going and giving my all.
Gage: My fave show was Tours From The Crypt. Getting to talk to my favourite band in the Orlando date and having the touring bands watch us the second date really made me feel great! But the Orlando date was my favourite out of the two.
Danny: Epic Problem during Tours From The Crypt was my favourite, because I felt we had a really tight show and I had a great time talking to fans and other bands afterwards.
Jon: Last show in Tampa!

Ellipsis: Your sound reminds me of post-hardcore acts, such as We Came As Romans and I See Stars. Who are your influences?

Byron: Those are both influences of mine. Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire is my biggest influence as a vocalist. Not only because of his great voice, lyrics, and writing style, but also because of his commitment to his wife, beliefs, and morals.
David: I have way too many influences, all from different genres too. My biggest influence was The Chariot, because they put on the craziest live shows I’ve ever been to which is what I strive for. Musically, Secrets and The Word Alive are a big influence in my writing.
Gage: My influences are Lil’ Wayne, Traitors and Sleeping With Sirens…I’m just kidding lol. My influences are really My Heart To Fear’s bass player, because he’s seriously the best bass player I’ve ever seen and I want to be able to play like that one day. Also Cory from MMF because he’s such a solid bass player. He played some of one Warped Tour with a broken index finger.
Danny: Aaron Marshall from Intervals because he has an extraordinarily unique approach to creating melodies, and Memphis May Fire because their songs are so heavy yet so inspirational, and I hope to inspire our listeners with our music on that same depth.
Jon: Circa Survive and Deftones.

Ellipsis: I read that you’re currently signed to Zero Limit Records. Do you feel that being signed to an independent label helps you to maintain your creative control? Have you ever had to compromise this?

ASL: Being signed to Zero Limit has allowed us to maintain complete creative control without having to make any compromises. However, if we were given the opportunity to sign with a major label presenting us with a fair contract, we would most likely sign so that we can grow even more.

Ellipsis: What song would you most like to cover?

ASL: We’re actually working on a cover song right now! But we shouldn’t tell you… or should we? Ah, what the heck… we’re gonna cover Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon.

Hear more from Actions Speak Louder: Keep up with the band via Twitter, @ASLBandOfficial. Their debut EP, Self-Discovery, is available from iTunes and from their online store.

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