Amnesty International #OpenToSyria Vigil: Tuesday 24th March

On Tuesday, 24 March 5-9pm, the University of Liverpool Student Amnesty Group, University of Liverpool Arab Society and local supporters are holding THE #OpenToSyria vigil outside Lime Street Station, raising awareness of the continued suffering of civilians in Syria and calling for the UK Government to increase its level of support for these victims.

This March marks the fourth year of the Syrian Civil War, as various groups independently trying to overthrow the Assad regime that has been responsible for gross human rights’ abuses and war crimes. The UN estimates the number of casualties from the conflict to be around 220,000, at least half of these deaths coming from the civilian population. Primarily, the purpose of this vigil is to pay respect and stand in solidarity with the many innocent victims of a conflict that has seen the use of illegal chemical weapons and the deliberate targeting of hospitals.

Supporters can show solidarity using the hashtag #OpenToSyria, whilst organisations that wish to offer further support will also be able to sign the Birmingham Declaration that calls for the UK Government to offer a greater level of respect and sense of fairness to those fleeing conflict and the protection of their basic rights once they are here.

Ella Johnson, co-Chair of the group, said:

“Last March, Liverpool Student Amnesty hosted a vigil at Lime Street Station as part of a global solidarity initiative to mar three years since the initial uprising in Syria. As another anniversary passes, we feel it is more important than ever to stand with Syria. We are raising awareness about the dire health provisions and large scale displacement in the hopes that, despite access difficulties, the international community will make Syrian healthcare support a top priority and that the UK government in particular will consider the plight of Syrian refugees in urgent need of asylum.”


Date and time of vigil: 24/03/2015, 6-9pm

Place: Lime Street Station (steps opposite the St. John’s Centre)

For further information: please contact Alex Forster on 07474826239 (mobile) any time or email and

Summary of Birmingham Declaration can be seen here.

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