Jessica Fleming

Amber Run @ Hangar34

I’ve always been a big fan of Amber Run, so to get the opportunity to finally see them was something I have been really excited for- partly because I knew it would be to type of gig I wouldn’t end up covered in bruises from a mosh pit. Before they graced the stage, we were treated by the support band in the form of duo Seafret. Despite missing the first half of their set, i arrived just in time to hear Oceans, a song that I’ve loved since its release back in 2015. The crowd was completely silent as Jack Sedman’s vocals rang out with the accompaniment of only one guitar, and you could tell that the room were taking in the music fully rather than talking over the top as you get with many crowds. Their set was soon wrapped up to much dismay with another old song- Be There which once again showed the incredible amount of talent that this band has.

Soon enough it was time for the main act. As Amber Run made their way on stage the crowd echoed with cheers. Starting with fan favourites from their debut album, Pilot and Spark Instantaneously it was as if the whole room had fallen under the same spell due to their shared love of this band. Following this, the band launched into Insomniac,  the opener to their sophomore album which was released at the start of this year. The song is a favourite of mine due to its fast paced drum beat and the outstanding vocals from Joe Keogh.

Playing a good mixture between songs from both albums, the band produced a solid setlist that kept the crowd captivated the entire night. Fickle Game brought the room to a standstill and I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t a dry eye in the whole building, whilst 5AM and Just My Soul Responding had the whole place singing along at the top of their lungs. I honestly don’t know of a band that can make you feel so many different emotions in one night and go from the beautiful and haunting Dark Bloom to the upbeat feel good anthem of Good Morning with all the room clapping along.

Heaven brought the night to a close with its memorable guitar patterns and lyrics, leaving a buzz in the air as the band left the stage. As the audience began to scream for more, Joe suddenly reappeared looking smug before commenting “Like all arrogant indie bands, we lied to you, we said we had one [more song], then played another and now we have three more.” With that the room erupted in cheers, anticipating what this trio of songs would be. Starting with Haze, the whole song suddenly felt more poignant as you could hear the desperateness and raw emotion of the lyrics as they rang out into the venue. I Found, the bands most played song with over 37 million plays on Spotify, came next. With this, the room soon overtook Joe’s vocals to the point that he stopped singing all together. As one of my all time favourite songs, to see it played live was a surreal experience. Wrapping up the show, Joe told the audience that Liverpool was the ‘f*cking best’, before breaking into No Answers. It was a perfect end to an outstanding night, and is not something I’ll be forgetting any time soon.

Check out my interview with Joe from Amber Run here

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