Kian Goodsell

After the Afterparty

Pizza for breakfast, alcohol to wash it down, laughter and electric performances from the finest emerging artists. It’s safe to say that Sound City 2019 delivered everything it set out to, and then some. Although the festival itself finished in the later Sunday evening, the party was far from over, with afterparties being hosted by Levi’s and Liverpool’s iconic ‘Shit Indie Disco.’

After two days of drinking and half of our group needing some well deserved sleep, it was down to the last men standing, and what better way to energise than downing another pint and making our way over to ‘Shit Indie Disco’. It’s safe to say that Nic and Sean provided (as always) belter after belter, creating a fun and vibrant atmosphere that got everyone singing along in unison. From the Arctic Monkeys to Fleetwood Mac, the party showed no signs of stopping with the boys providing superlative entertainment which rounded up the end to an impeccable weekend. If it so happens that you’d want to live one of the best nights out of your uni life, joking with mates and listening to top notch Indie bops, I would HIGHLY recommend you buy tickets and drag yourselves down to one of the best nights around.

After ‘Shindie’ came to an end and our group numbers lowered even more, the final bodies standing made our way to the Levi’s afterparty, presented by none other than Loyal Carner. Earlier in the day, Carner put on an explosive performance that had crowds lining up from around the corner, others standing on tables, and even the odd couple that had made their way on top of a portaloo, just to catch a glimpse. It was safe to say that expectations were high. With performances from talents such as Slowthai, an emerging rap artist delivering some of the slickest tunes about. Politically charged, his debut album ‘Nothing Great About Britain’ couldn’t have come at a better time; undoubtably raw and critical of the class divide, Slowthai administers hit after hit, reminiscent of Plan B’s ‘The Defamation of Strickland Banks.’ The Levi’s Music Project recognises the best new sounds and allows them to obtain industry experience from the people running the game and it’s safe to say, that all of us here at Ellipsis will be keeping a close eye on everyone featured. And we recommend that you do too!

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