Meet The Team

It’s time to introduce the faces behind our fabulous magazine! The nature of Ellipsis – being a magazine run by students – means that every year we have to wave goodbye to a few faces and welcome in a couple of new ones. We are always looking for people to join the team as well as contribute to our print and website, so if you think you’ve got a flair for editing, designing, marketing or business, learn more about joining Ellipsis.

The current team for 2016/2017 is:

Jordan Holdsworth Jordan Holdsworth


English student, Jordan, takes 3 things very seriously in life: shopping in River Island, enjoying himself on nights out (demonstrated by his energetic dancing) and – of course – keeping the Ellipsis site up and running. As a Yorkshireman, other passions include Yorkshire Tea (since there’s no other contender when it comes to tea) and impersonating ‘posher-sounding’ accents, even if he does it really badly.

Favourite Drink: Vitamin Juice
Favourite Book: Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee
Favourite Place: Lindos in Rhodes, Greece – simply stunning!


Web Enquiries:

Holly Phillips Holly Phillips


Holly fell in love with Liverpool and has decided that she never wants to leave; the thing that’s keeping her here has to be the Tavern breakfasts! She’s happiest either at a gig or reading Harry Potter (sorry Cecily 😂). She can mostly be found working as a student advocate, or if she’s got the day off, asleep.

Favourite Drink: Tea. Always.
Favourite Book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling
Favourite Place: Kasimier Gardens

Greta Sion Greta Sion

Deputy Editor

Greta embarrasses herself in many ways; pulling silly faces on stage, attempting to play and sing songs very badly on the ukulele and forgetting she’s a lightweight are just a few examples. She’s always there for a cwtch though, so it’s all good!

Favourite Drink: Builder’s Tea
Favourite Book: How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran 
Favourite Place: Pembrokeshire in West Wales*

*said in a Welsh accent

Cecily Sheppard Cecily Sheppard

Music Editor

Cecily is a third year English student with a lot of leg and not much balance, although her height does come in handy at gigs. She enjoys talking music and news on LSRadio and when not at concerts/the theatre/Hogwarts, you’ll probably find her with her face either in a book or cake.

Favourite Drink: Peach Iced Tea
Favourite Book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling
Favourite Place: 92 Degrees

Chloe Lewis Chloe Lewis

Deputy Music Editor

Lanky human. The 1975 enthusiast. Wannabe dog. She likes naps and gigs and books and BBQ sauce on everything. Currently struggling to be an adult and having all the lols in her favourite city in the world!

Favourite Drink: Watermelon Bubble Tea
Favourite Book: How To Build A Girl by Caitlin Moran
Favourite Place: Heebies’ basement

Rachel Brock Rachel Brock

Politics Editor

Rachel is friendly, but third year makes her cranky, and while she don’t bite, her kitten (Robespierre) totally does… approach at your peril! She’s useless at pub quizzes and in crises, but has a very specific set of knowledge involving politics, books, selfies, breakfast foods and every season of America’s Next Top Model. Follow her on Instagram for constant updates of both her location and mental state.

Favourite Drink: Any flavour Snapple
Favourite Book: Arcadia by Tom Stoppard
Favourite Place: Anywhere she can nap

Charlotte Hadfield Charlotte Hadfield

Culture Co-Editor

Charlotte is a second year English and Business Student and Culture Editor of Ellipsis along with Heather MacNeil. She’s a chocoholic, whose favourite pastimes are to play guitar and watch Friends for the millionth time while drinking buckets of tea.

Favourite Drink: Gin
Favourite Book: The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion
Favourite Place: Etel in Brittany, France

Heather MacNeil Heather MacNeil

Culture Co-Editor

You’re most likely to come across Heather somewhere on Slater Street. She’ll be in one of the bars sipping on a cocktail, happily ignoring the fact that it is a Monday night; she’ll worry about Tuesday morning when it arrives.

Favourite Drink: Here comes the sun
Favourite Book: Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood
Favourite Place: The Jacaranda

Natalie Bolderston Natalie Bolderston

Literature Editor

Natalie is an avid fan of fantasy fiction, Disney and cats. One day, she hopes to daydream her way into a writing career. That, or become a Disney princess/villainess. She hasn’t decided yet.

Favourite Drink: Bubble Tea
Favourite Book: The Golem and the Djinni by Helene Wecker
Favourite Place: My bed

Katy Holt Katy Holt

Lead Copy Editor

Katy is a third year English student with a keen interest in overlarge earrings and home makeover shows. She can often be found watching pug videos and taking reality television too seriously.

Favourite Drink: A Large Tea
Favourite Book: Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh
Favourite Place: Dublin, Ireland



The rest of the team at Ellipsis play a huge role in visiting events, interviewing bands and writing up articles. Without them, Ellipsis would not be what it is today!


Music Team
Cecily Sheppard
Chloe Lewis
Holly Phillips
Jordan Holdsworth
Alaa Jasim
Jess Hawkins
Jess Fleming
Laura Copestake
Vicky Camidge
Rob Parry
Olivia Matthews
Ellie Pickles
Will Truby

Culture Team
Charlotte Hadfield
Heather MacNeil
Jordan Holdsworth
Billie Walker
Zena Al Maskari
Amy Sharpe
Casey Logue
Greta Sion
Hollie Price
Charlotte Kelly
Rebecca Stockmann
Daisy Niamh Doughlas
Charlotte Freyne
Lowri Thomas

Literature Team
Natalie Bolderston
Casey Logue
Toni Budden

Politics Team
Rachel Brock
Alexandra Dinning
Ellena Parsons

Design Team
Jordan Holdsworth
Ambre Levy
Magda Bojda
Hannah Briant
Danielle Cutler
Alaa Jasim