Who We Are

As the University of Liverpool’s only print magazine, Ellipsis is (with our apologies to President Lincoln) a publication of the students, by the students and for the students. Covering areas such as music, arts, culture and current events, we are dedicated to uncovering and promoting the best writing talent the university has to offer whilst providing a radical insight into the issues and controversies that affect the lives of our students and the wider public conscience.

Every year our team aims to create two editions of our magazine, containing articles and pieces written by both ourselves and outside contributors. Our website – which you’re looking at right now – is updated through the year with a much larger range of content ranging from band interviews to book reviews. We excel at providing an outlet for creativity, ingenuity and individuality, both within our campus and across the city of Liverpool. The magazine itself is a platform for students to showcase their work in ways that may otherwise not be possible.

Copies of our magazine are available to pick up in various locations for free around the University of Liverpool campus and we’re currently working with the local community in order to supply copies elsewhere in the city.

As a society, we’re incredibly proud of how far Ellipsis has come so far; between 2015 and 2016, we underwent a radical rebrand. From the design of the logo, to our colours, and even the quality of our print paper – the brand was completely resurfaced and, as a result, the orange Ellipsis logo is now a much more recognisable icon on campus. Our Summer 2015/16 edition hit a milestone, being the first in a long line of our prints to use colour.