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A Freshers Guide to Post Night Out Takeaways

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Post night out takeaways are something of a tradition for students in Liverpool. No matter what time you decide to exit the club and call it a night, somebody in your group will suggest getting food and before you can even answer you’ll find yourself asking the man behind the counter his life story whilst you wait for your scran. So whether a kebab is your calling or you’re more of a cheeky margarita pizza kind of person, Liverpool students (past and present) have rounded up some of the best options for your next midnight feast.



Situated right next to Baa Bar, Harper’s Pizza is the easiest option for an after night out snack. Perfect for those who find themselves drawn to Baa Bar week in, week out. Often you’ll end up here down to default due to its convenient location and easy to spot sign, which even the drunkest of people are able to navigate. Before long Harper’s will become the meeting point to pick up the stragglers you lost throughout the night, and what better way to wait for people than with a portion of cheesy chips or a cheesy garlic bread.

Best food on offer: Cheesy chips

Location: 9/10

Food: 6/10



Pizza Pronto is one of my favourite pizza places, and not just because the owner is a real life saint (although he is). The garlic bread is to die for, the pizza is to die for, everything is to die for! It’s literally a minute from Baa Bar but a bit harder for a drunken person to spot than Harper’s is. The pizza is definitely worth the 5 minutes it will take for you explain to the rest of the group where you’ve disappeared off to.

Best food on offer: Pizza (although their cheesy garlic bread is always a good shout)

Location: 8/10

Food: 8/10



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I only found out about Mamos during my last month of first year, which is most likely a good thing as if not I’d probably look like a mozzarella dipper by now. Seriously. They’re the best thing the world has ever seen. I once bought 2 portions (That’s 16 dippers) after a night out and to this day I’m still unsure whether it was the best or worst decision of my life. Although I must warn you they do sell out pretty quick- which adds to their ‘urban legend’ status. Being right next to Pizza Pronto on Bold Street basically ups the place’s status and makes it easy when people are disagreeing about where to go for food.

Best food on offer: Mozzarella dippers (they’re an easy 10/10)

Location: 8/10

Food: 7/10



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As tragic as it sounds, at some point you will ended up staying awake until 6am to get a meal deal from Tesco. You may deny it now but it will happen- trust me. The cons of this means that for those not fortunate to live in Vine Court it can be a bit of a trek. Although none of this matters when you remember you get first dips on the Chicken Caesar Wraps and Fanta Fruit Twists.

Best food on offer: it’s a meal deal – your options are endless!

Location: Vine Court: 10/10, Carnatic: 2/10, Everywhere else: 5/10

Food: 9/10



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Honestly, who doesn’t love a Maccies? Only downside is can be a right trek to get one. Yes, Liverpool has two McDonald’s in the city centre (forever known as the big one and the small one – original right?) but they’re both equally packed at 3am making it a right pain. End of the day, if you’re that keen for a Big Mac or some Nuggets you’ll make the effort to get there. Just make sure you know what you want as past 5am you’re onto the breakfast menu.

Best food on offer: Chicken Nuggets and Chips

Location: 2/10

Food: 7/10



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‘Nabzy’s is love, Nabzy’s is life’ are the words of recent UoL Graduate Laura Copestake, on the topic of takeaways. She declared that ‘Nothing more needs to be said’, therefore; we must declare the rest to be left to mystery.

Best food on offer: Popcorn chicken, Red salted chips

Location: 8/10

Food: 9/10 (would be 10/10 if they sold their red salt in tubs)


So all in all there you have it! Got any additions? Let us know below in the comments!

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