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Coffee House Session: A Review of Natalie Gauci

It was through one of the university’s weekly Coffee House sessions that Natalie Gauci came to the guild and stunned us with her smooth voice and amazing musicianship.

The Coffee House sessions are a nationwide initiative bringing new and upcoming artists to universities across the country in a no-expectations, chilled environment, and Natalie Gauci certainly set the bar high for upcoming musicians set to visit the guild in future. It’s safe to say that she was brilliant; her music was calming, mood-lifting and melodic, with lyrics abundant in emotion, and chords that were both upbeat and inspiring.

Our Music Editor Imogen Clyde-Smith and writer Holly Phillips enjoying a selfie with Natalie.

Our Music Editor Imogen Clyde-Smith and writer Holly Phillips enjoying a selfie with Natalie.

The 2007 Australian Idol is not what you might typically expect from an artist who was discovered through a talent show. Any shadow of artificiality is gone, instead replaced by an acoustic artist who not only sings her own original songs but writes and produces them too. Gauci’s influences are those classic jazz artists, particularly Miles Davies and Ella Fitzgerald, to whom she was introduced at a young age by her parents. There are other influences in her music, ranging from raga in her song ‘You Are Real’, reggae in ‘Save Tomorrow’, and an array of pop and soul in the songs for which she is best known, demonstrating the diversity of Gauci as both an artist and a musician.

At the Coffee House session we were treated to some of her original songs with a mix of covers, a rendition of Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’ being a personal favourite.

Gauci is undeniably talented; her voice is beautiful and her talent as a keyboardist, although there is no comparison to the likes of Richard Wright, is just as exceptional. This coupled with a smooth backing guitar creates music that is emotionally moving, something that made a rainy Monday afternoon just that little bit better.

Natalie Gauci’s album The Winner’s Journey is now available through iTunes. You can keep up to date with all her new releases by following her on Twitter: http://@ngauciofficial

To hear more from Natalie Gauci catch Chloe’s interview with her: http://ellipsisliverpool.com/2015/11/09/the-australian-soul-queen-an-interview-with-natalie-gauci/

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